Slowly, summer loses against fall. The temperatures are constantly dropping every day, the leaves are losing their green color and you know that it’s time to switch to the transition wardrobe from summer to fall.

fall dress

fall dress 7

This transition is characterized by layering outfits and conditioned by the correct accessories. See your outfit like a challenge. It is actually the time to show your creativity.
As you’ve probably already noticed, mornings are chillier now. You should be careful, along with being trendy to maintain your health. In this respect, it is important to wear dresses made of natural fabrics which let your skin breathe. During this period of time, the accessories are very important. You should still try to keep a balance so you would better wear discreet jewelries.
For sure, it helps a lot to be careful to the forecast. Obviously, the transition outfit from summer to fall depends on your daily activity. You can wear a dress in combo with a leather jacket or a pair of jeans with a cardigan.

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