Tips on how to dress up men’s this winter

Step by step let’s see some advices on how to dress this cold season …


So , first of all give up boots when you dress stylish , a winter shoe is more properly, lace-up shoes are very good when you wearing a suit. Never , but never go out with sneakers , no it is not OK , and let UGG boots in peace , there are women style , you do not need such thing.


Pants are variable , and depends of the rest of your outfit , remember jeans are still in fashion but depends very much on the model you choose, try something classic instead of something trendy , you may sometimes go wrong.


Yes , a very important part of your winter outfit, it is also give you a lots of variants. Half Zip Mock Neck Sweater still in trends , but be careful with non dark colors , so try grey , try blue, try something else than black…


A scarf or a muffler should always be in your mind when you are in winter season, due to the versatility of wearing the scarf will help you create new combination.


Wear a coat , yes, always if it is possible… i write a entire article about wearing a elegant coat here , but once again it is very important to were something elegant despite of the hard cold season. Or you may try a peacoat.

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