The capri pants are three-quarter pants that stop in the ankle or knee. Unlike bermudas or other similar trousers, the capri trousers are much harder to wear and that’s why it’s a challenge to fit your silhouette.

Although it’s hard to wear, and not every woman can include it in the dresses that are representative of her style, the capri pants are now in fashion.

Capri pants can spoil your appearance for some obvious reasons. Because of the way they are conceived, they can instantly shorten you from the length of your legs. They can easily be worn by women who have long legs, but minions can have problems in this regard. Also, if you are getting more nauseous, this may be even more prominent.

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If you are not the skirt or dress, we suggest you try the capri pants (three quarters). The length of these pants varies and you must always choose the one that fits your conformation. If you are a mignon, we suggest wearing hinged or platform shoes, and for the tall, comfortable ballet dancers. Choose the choice of striped trousers that will fit both the office and the elegant ones. In his spare time, he wears a lightweight shirt and matches his trousers with a colorful shirt.

The best fit is the one that does not make the trouser stand on the leg, straight, or slightly elongated, without pins. This style will stretch your silhouette, giving you a chic, continuous look.

Do not get close to the conical ones (short version of slim pants, cigarette) because they will make your balances disproportionately wide. Even the too broad are not a good choice, because they seem … unfinished. With one exception: do you have generous forms? The solution is straight, wide, slightly elongated trousers. Choose soft and lightweight materials.

If you want to thin your silhouette, head to a pair of vertical stripes or tigels. Beware of large prints if you are not weak and tall. Small prints, in turn, fit any silhouette.

The shoe plays a very important role! Capri go best with flip-flops, ballerinas, sandals or low-heeled shoes.

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