After talking some time ago about quality perfumes suitable for ladies, today we offer some tips to choose the right fragrance for you.

Getting ready to go out for a date with your loved one? I’m sure you want to do in each encounter a memorable moment. Perfume is like an accessory that gives your outfit class, which complements other words. Evening is a special time and you have to keep in mind certain aspects. So ideal evening perfume to be sexy and mysterious. Or fresh fruit flavors seem to not meet the criteria but if you prefer, you can successfully integrate with your outfit for the evening.

As a suggestion we could think of :

A warm scent, but strong and spicy – perfumes with scents of exotic spices retain their scent long. Heat and passion inspired by them are very suitable for cold winter months.

Yves Saint Laurent Opium. Created in 1977, Opium is a classic evening fragrance. Lovely mixture of flavors of clove, plum, rose and cedar proved that elegance remains an amount not go out of style.
Dior Addict. Vanilla combined with sandalwood and tonka create a perfume glamor which is however considered by some too strong. Wear it only on special occasions when you want to leave a strong impression on others.

A fresh fragrances – Fresh fragrance with fruity notes are the first choice for the evening, I do not recommend them unless you are crazy about them, if so try to be something delicate and elegant, one option would be:

Eau de Cartier. Combining the citrus flavors of musk, Cartier has created a fragrance that can give you an air of enigmatic, but relaxed. Aromas of bergamot, violet leaves, musk, lavender, cedar wood and patchouli complete the fragrance of this perfume range.

DKNY Be Delicious. DKNY clothes for women are young and energetic, so this fragrance offers the perfect aroma for the evening. Notes of apple juice are combined successfully with aromas of rose, cucumber and sandalwood.

A classic and quality fragrance can not fail, so especially if you are a grown woman or a very stylish lady.

This kind of perfumes involve basically as, but not mean it is wrong and if you use a casual outfit.
CHANEL N.5 is the maximum in this regard , this perfume was and remains a leader in everything that a perfume for women, is still a masterpiece for the senses.

D’iris by Prada – It is oriental-woody fragrance very classic ans stylish.

Finally it is not enough to give some examples of quality perfumes, it is important to know some tricks to choose the right fragrance for you. So, try to take in to consideration the following:

– The evening trying to go on a spicy fragrance, strong, as I said above very Fresh perfumes are ok, but I do not recommend them
– The day is best to choose a fresh scent, floral and citrus notes and avoid strong essences of rose, vanilla, lily or the heavy wood. These flavors are more suitable for sophisticated evening wear only good
– No perfume does not smell equally on two different people. So do not buy based on your new flavors that they smell very good … on other people
– Avoid perfumes which have a single prominent note, especially the ones with a clear flavor of exotic fruits, rose, lily, lily and vanilla
– An interesting trick gives little crazy – if you want to keep more – spray it on damp hair. But do not overdo it, especially if it is damaged
– Do not spray perfume on your clothes! Ever! Especially if they are dark. You can spot!
– If you want to use a fresh fragrance with strong notes, but you wish it was not quite as intense, spray it several times in the air and pass through the veil of perfume. Aroma will permeate exactly how should …
– Do not wear perfume on water. Is too intense. If you prefer a particular flavor variant buy it and EDT (Eau de Toilette) for day and variant EDP (eau de perfume) for evening
– Apply it to areas where circulation is intense (neck, wrists, behind the knees). If you still feel it the next day on the skin, spray perfume after you apply a body oil odor that will fix odor for several hours.

Perfumes are priced in a very large range, from very inexpensive colognes to luxurious designer brands. Try to have in mind your budget and make the best choice possible.

Did you know that?
Perfumes play a crucial part in conveying an idea about who you are.

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