Bathing suit is an important part of a woman’s wardrobe. He must represent you but also to your advantage, or if you have a perfect body should make you feel good about it. Even when you have a model body, you can highlight the strengths to create a sexy appearance if you know how to choose the right swimsuit to hide your imperfections.

When choosing your swimsuit should keep in mind some aspects related to your body that ultimately suit you favor. I tried to summarize the most important criteria that you should consider.

For small bust

Should keep in mind:
– Color bra open, darker on slip
– Applications, prints, ruffles on bra
– Push-up bra (why not?), Semi-cup, with straps
– Full costume if you like, for you, very much
– Type hexagon neckline with higher side down.

For large bust

Should keep in mind:
– In principle inversely as small bust
– To support the Cup: preformed cups, sponge wide, strong
– Dark colors
– Without push-ups, no tacky, no frippery

Hips and large bottom

Try to keep in mind:
– Dark slip
– Type slip-print miniskirt and bra or lace
– Horizontal lines on bust
– No side tie bikini, no thongs, no boxers

A little tummy (belly)

– Full costume with drapery
– Slip simple
– Vertical lines printed as many
– No low waist

Broad shoulders, athletic silhouette

– Colored bikini, side bows, horizontal stripes
– Bra with wide straps, square neckline
– Without full Costumes V-neck

A little fluffy

– The preferred materials: Lycra, Neoprene, miratex
– Full costume in dark colors: black, blue, dark green
– Cleavage deep with embroidery

Thin (skinny)

– Intense colors, applications and prints
– Boxer briefs, ruffles, bows, forms asymmetric
– 2-piece suit with bra pads

Whatever costume you choose, I think it’s important to feel good about it, this is essentially nothing you got an outfit that looks perfect if you do not it feel good. So buy what suit could be a confident booster and you will be happy.

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