Ties – a must have for men

If it is to talk about men clothing , then have to notice that their outfit even it is less complex than women’s it can be matched easily with other clothes.

Best way to skip the routine is to wear accessories.. If women have at their disposal a lot of accessories , well, men don’t have too much. A classy fragrance, a special belt, and a tie are their accessories.

But why wearing a tie? I found 3 reasons why your wardrobe should contain a lot of ties:

1. Ties make you more stylish and more credible especially if you work in an office environment.

2. You have a large variety at your disposal to choose.

3. You can wear them even with casual clothing.

It seems like first information about this accessory dates since 1500 when Italian authors were writing about the legionaries habit of wearing it around the neck to protect them from cold.
Around 1600 the French legislated tie after they took it over from the Croat mercenaries.

The actual shape of ties we owe it to Jesse Songsdorf who in 1920 ha created the tie as we know it today.

Be careful how you wear it and especially where you wear this accesory.
If you work into a conservatory business environment then don’t go there wearing a tie with little elephants but try A BLUE ONE OR BLACK WITH STRIPES.

If you are going into a relaxed environment , then you can wear a more colored tie, nicely matched with the rest of your outfit.

Choosing a tie isn’t easy and you have to be careful for a lot of things:
– the material of the tie
– the brand – if you afford buy a quality brand
– wear always with a shirt

As wearing rules try if you can to respect the following:
– a tie with models goes with white shirts
– a one color tie goes with striped shirts
– the color of the tie has to match with the shirt

Did you know that:
More than $1 billion is spent annually on men’s neckties in the United States. If you’re spending $120 on a quality tie, then that’s equal to over 830,000 ties purchased each year.

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