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Mini Dress 2020

The history of the dress The dress has been a woman’s wardrobe’s wardrobe since antiquity, and has evolved over time as materials and tastes have diversified. In ancient Egypt, dresses were made especially of cotton or in and they were clinging over their shoulders with some belts. Over time, they have become increasingly sophisticated and […]

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Bohemians Summer Maxi Dress 2020

In the first place, this dress is looking absolutely amazing. It is impossible not to see that. No doubt that the summer is perfect for wearing a bohemian dress. Such dress is more than suitable for a sensible, beautiful, ans sensitive women. Also fits to any kind of body shape. An aspect which we might […]

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Maxi Dress Latest Trends 2020

For sure, every women would love to have a relaxed, romantic, chic and, why not, comfortable look. Including a maxi dress in your preferences could be a solution. Do not hesitate to have four or five maxi dresses in your wardrobe. A maxi dress is not only very chic and trendy, it is also very […]

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Latest Bohemian Maxi Dresses 2020

This dress fits to almost any type of woman. Yes this is true, I’m saying that because it depends on how you accessorize them, how you match them and also the style and personal attitude of each woman. Ohh yes, I said personal attitude, because this is important too. It is of course obvious that […]

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Floral Dresses Summer 2020

Femininity and sensuality, without doubt this are two words that can characterize very well a floral dress. The dresses are clothing items “must have” in the summer, and the floral can be a good choice, because they are easy to match and very feminine. But even when you want a more stylish look and not […]

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