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Swimsuits 2020

If at the beginning, the bathing suit had to cover as much as possible from the body, at present it is sufficient for it to be made a patch of material. The V-shaped bikini pattern is becoming more fashionable. In antiquity, for most cultures, swimming was done either in Eve’s costume or in pieces of […]

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Crochet Bikinis 2020

The crochet bathing suit is the most popular this season. It’s in the trend and below we give you some examples to help you find the one that suits you. There is a glamor inherent to Missoni’s zigzag logo emblem, especially if it is combined with sun shades in a swimsuit pattern that binds to […]

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Bikini 2020

History It is one of the most essential pieces of women’s wardrobe, and yet it has only been in existence for seven decades. An icon in power, the bikini is both a weapon of seduction and a tool of liberation; beyond trends and fashions, its history is intimately linked to the evolution of modern society. […]

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