Swimsuits 2021

If at the beginning, the bathing suit had to cover as much as possible from the body, at present it is sufficient for it to be made a patch of material. The V-shaped bikini pattern is becoming more fashionable. In antiquity, for most cultures, swimming was done either in Eve’s costume or in pieces of material that resembled faces that covered the intimate parts.

A Short History

In the Middle Ages, bathing was severely discouraged, so that in the eighteenth century, it was considered immoral and dangerous for health because of the alleged illnesses and infections it would have caused. In the Victorian era, bathing suits resembled outdoor clothing, they were cumbersome. They wore hats and long-sleeved dresses with some sort of underpants made of wool materials that did not become transparent in contact with water and whose only purpose was to protect the ladies’ bodies from exposure to the sun. No woman among the aristocrats wanted to tan, while the bronze was specific to the working class. As for the man’s suit, and he of wool, he brings a pajamas in one piece, covering the body from the knees and elbows to the neck. The beginning of the twentieth century changed the public perception of bathing in public spaces, swimming becoming a legitimate leisure activity, and the special outfit for the swamp took shape. From the women’s costume, the hats and gloves were removed, the standard clothing covering only the torso, arms and legs. A decade later, the true transition took place, the sleeves disappearing and the size of the trousers pulled down. Women began to look for swimming not only as a leisure opportunity, but also as a sporting competition. As a result, the swimsuit has been adapted to the new sport so it is comfortable and improve swim speed. Since then, the bathing suit has grown in size and has grown more and more on the body, despite objections from the conservatives and those who support the concept of morality. In the 20’s, one-piece variations appeared, exposing both arms and legs, which were fashionable until 1946, when Louis Réard, a French automotive engineer who became a fashion designer, launched the piece of clothing which has resisted to date: bikini. Named after the Bikini Atoll, the place where, after the end of the Second World War, the Americans detonated 23 nuclear bombs, motivating that they expected the new fashion to “explode” on the beaches of the world.

Bathing suit – illusion of a perfect body?

Women love to look great every time, and bathing suits contribute to highlighting or diminishing a look, just like any other accessory. There are many styles of bathing suits that match both trends in fashion and different body shapes. It is well known that women have different bodies and therefore require different styles of swimwear. No one is perfect, but a fitting bathing suit can create the illusion of a perfect body.

The latest trends in swimwear are absolutely wonderful and are very varied. Vintage and modern styles allow women to choose their swim suit according to their preferences and personal style.

Bear in mind (Guide to buying the perfect swimsuit):

– Choose a swimsuit in one piece or two, depending on your preference.

– If you choose a two-piece swimsuit, try to choose one with a cut that highlights your legs and creates an effect of stretching them, balancing your silhouette. The bottom should be darker than the top to distract.

– Tankini swimsuits ( which consist of a slip and a larger top ) is ideal for women with a beautiful waist but who do not like their hips or their breasts.

– If you choose a swimsuit in a piece, try one with a colored top print or one with a drawing to attract attention.

For women with a larger bust:

– Women with a large bust should be careful about the protection that the bathing suit offers. Big boobs need the right suit to look great. Choose a two-piece swimsuit with a top that binds to the neck so that it gives you the support your breast needs.
– If you want a swimsuit in one piece, choose one with an extra cup holder.

For women with a small bust:

– If you have a small bust, try to choose a smaller bathing suit, such as the Brazilian, because it gives the body the balance it needs.
– If you choose a two-piece swimsuit, make sure you pick one with a push-up bra, because it gives the illusion of a bigger bust.
– Choose a trendy outfit with a deep cleavage.

Swimsuits 2021

Swimsuits 2021

Swimsuits 2021

Swimsuits 2021

Swimsuits 2021

Swimsuits 2021


How about a one-piece swimsuit for the summer?

Long considered nerdy, the one-piece swimsuit has been able to reclaim its place among our closets in recent seasons. On the initiative of its comeback, the creators. After reworking it and bringing it up to date, the one-piece swimsuit has become a new object of desire for lounging on the beach this summer.

Sober, elegant, with retro glamor, it refines the silhouette with a chic and feminine look, but it can also be very sexy. Like his colleague the bikini, the one-piece swimsuit strictly follows the trends. It incorporates essential floral, graphic prints, surfs on the Californian and panther motif, and does not forget to use key details such as sequins, frills, zips and fringes.
On the cutting side, he knows how to show originality. In a sport version, it evokes the wet-suits and the sportsmen’s jerseys. In a retro spirit, it adopts bustier or push up forms like the pin-ups of the 50s, while the romantic style sports seventies influences, with frills and fringes. No matter how he looks, he has an eye for detail. Whether in the back, on the hips or at the straps, the one-piece swimsuit is adorned with geometric cutouts.

For those who prefer something more eccentric, do not hesitate to look at models with psychedelic tie-dye prints and why not a neon swimsuit. Now that we are talking about colors, they oscillate between a vitamin palette and neutral tones, there is no rule. Now you just have to choose.

Swimsuits 2021
Swimsuits 2021
Swimsuits 2021

Two Piece Swimsuits

You are thinking of renewing your accessories, beach bags, your summer wardrobe and this expensive two-piece swimsuit. Now the choice of this essential gives you a hard time. From plain to ethnic print, from classic style to slimming retro drape, the bikini is available in all forms and adapts to all tastes. Do you feel lost in this ocean of ever more trendy models? Do you want a flattering swimsuit for your figure, true to your desires? Follow our tips to find the best bikini.

The morphology of women is classified into six categories, of course, there is no question of falling into stereotypical stereotypes! However, taking certain characteristics into account guides you in the best choices.

Your silhouette is shaped like an “A” also called “pyramid”, if your shoulders are narrower than your hips. Generally, the size of your pants is larger than that of your blazers. Prefer a push-up or a crochet bra to give volume to the chest. On the other hand, if you want to accentuate your hips, a triangle worn with high-waisted pants are an ideal combination.

You are a round woman with generous shapes and tend to hide your belly? Dare a glamorous frame tankini. Women with very large breasts will love a minimized swimsuit top that provides good support. Team it with a draped high waist or a flatter belly effect. Models, like Ashley Graham, take on their curves, so don’t hide them too much!

If you have a thin waist and your shoulders and hips are in the same alignment, your shape is “H”. Aim for a scarf swimsuit top or even a strapless bustier, combined with low-waisted panties or shorties.

A very thin, thin waist, a small chest, shoulders that line up with your hips? You are definitely in the shape of an “X”. Turn to headbands, a padded balcony, panties with ruffles or pleated sides. Thus, your chest and hips will be visually more accentuated.

Do you have broad shoulders, more than your hips? The size of your blazers is often larger than that of your pants? Your athletic figure is in a “V” shape. If you want to volumize your hips, bet on a triangle or a wrap associated with a bikini bottom with cuff.

Is your figure reminiscent of an hourglass shaped like an “8”? Your build is similar to the “X” in the alignment of the shoulders and your hips with the difference that your waist is very marked. Basically, you already know that you can afford it, admit it! From thong with knots, to Brazilian, via the timeless Bardot headband. Let yourself be tempted by an original quilted material or a top with a scalloped edge.

Also remember that the pieces of a set do not necessarily have identical sizes. So, if you have the possibility to compose your bikini, do not hesitate to adapt the sizes according to your morphology. During your tanning session or at the end of your breaststroke, by following these tips you will not leave anyone indifferent.

Swimsuits 2021
Swimsuits 2021
Swimsuits 2021

Types Of Cutouts For Women’s Swimwear

Women’s swimsuits can be differently cut at the bottom. If the swimsuit is marked “high cut”, it is very cut. This type visually extends the legs, but this should not be pleasant for everyone. The “low cut” marking, on the other hand, indicates a smaller cutout of the swimsuit. The cutout is marked on both full and two-piece swimsuits.

For women’s swimsuits is valid – choose what is comfortable for you. If your swimsuit is tight during the test, do not rely on the fact that it will become lighter in the water. In the case of swimwear for training and training, we recommend that you choose the types of braces shown in the image above. The fact that they are attached to the shoulder blades guarantees that they will not fall off the shoulders while swimming.

Some suggestions of swimsuits :

SHEKINI Women’s Push-up Halter Bandage Ruched High Waisted Bottoms Bikini Swimsuits

This is really a good suit. Very good padding and coverage. Top is super nice and well structured.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: Brazilian cut, unique bandage bikini top, skin friendly, high waisted ruched bottoms and perfect design.

Swimsuits 2021

CUPSHE Women’s Floral Halter Tie Deep V Neck One Piece Swimsuit

Having a nice design which will definitely upgrade your look, this swimsuit is a perfect addition for your swimsuits collection.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: beautiful pattern, very comfortable and stylish.

Swimsuits 2021

Byoauo Women Bandeau Bikini Top with Tie Side Thong Bathing Suit

You will love this bikini, it fits great. Super pretty color and fit perfectly. Perfect for summer swimming wear, beach party, hot spring, vacation, surfing, pool party, club-wear, also can wear it for a bra.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: tie back and drawstring to adjust, skin friendly, very nice design and adjustable straps at side for better fit.

Swimsuits 2021

La Perla Women’s Millerighe One Piece

Luxury swimsuit for women with deep sweetheart neckline. Adjustable straps accented with embossed brand logo desired fit. Underwire for added contouring and fit. Exceptional addition for your wardrobe .

Reasons to wear swimsuits: nice design, versatile and very comfy.

Swimsuits 2021

CUPSHE Women’s Neon Pink Bandeau Top High Waisted Bikini

Bandeau bikini top, with high-waisted bikini bottom and removable shoulder straps. No underboob and great support.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: very comfortable, skin friendly and easy to wear.

Swimsuits 2021

CUPSHE Women’s Cosy Bay Lace Up Back Adjustable Two Piece Bikini Sets

Fantastic suit… looks amazing and fits great. You will surely love it.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: beautiful, skin friendly, nice design, flattering and comfortable.

Swimsuits 2021

Marysia Swim Women’s Palm Springs Tie Maillot

A shimmering finish lends an extra layer of glamour to this lace-up Marysia Swim one-piece with outstanding qualities. Price is not cheap but for sure it worth it.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: easy to wear, beautiful design and comfortable.

Swimsuits 2021

Karla Colletto Women’s V Neck Underwire Monokini

Luxury swimsuits for ladies, with hand wash twist detail at front, and cutout waist also hook-and-eye clasp at back.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: very nice design, perfect cut and durable.

Swimsuits 2021

Kiniki Storm Tan Through Tube Swimsuit

Extremely breathable and light weight swimsuits, great for your swimsuits collection.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: versatile, removable halter neck strap, skin friendly and lightweight.

Swimsuits 2021

CUPSHE Women’s Wrap Top Floral Bottom Bathing Suit Two Piece Sexy Swimsuit

The quality of the material is decent. Its not cheap and its not high end. his is a really pretty suit. Well made and beautiful colors!

Reasons to wear swimsuits: floral bikini bottom, versatile styling, flattering, adjustable shoulder straps and molded cup.

Swimsuits 2021

CUPSHE Women’s Sunny Floral Print Lace One-Piece Swimsuit

Well-constructed, thick material that fits well and flatters your curves. This swimsuit fits perfect. The butt has decent coverage. Don’t hesitate to purchase this one.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: adjustable shoulder straps, skin friendly, versatile styling, flattering with padding cups and floral print.

Swimsuits 2021

HORSE SECRET Swimsuits for Women, 2-Piece Bikini Swimsuit Ruffles Flounce Cute Padded Push Up Bralette Bathing Suits Swimwear

You will love the design of this bathing suit. Perfect piece for any women.

Reasons to wear swimsuits : slightly padded non-underwired cups, versatile styling, skin friendly, flattering, ruffled front and comfortable.

Swimsuits 2021

American Trends One Piece Swimsuits for Women Womens Bathing Suits Slimming Athletic Training Swimsuit

Quality material and a great suit for the price. The suit is well-made and it looks great on the majority of women.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: stretchy, flattering, versatile styling, skin friendly, comfortable to wear and unique design.

Swimsuits 2021

Nike Women’s Fast Back One Piece Swimsuit

It looks very sporty chic and it covers the right parts and looks modest but also sleek and cute.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: pull on closure, versatile styling, high bust coverage and back coverage without sacrificing range of motion.

Swimsuits 2021

Anne Cole Women’s Twist Front Shirred One Piece Swimsuit

Wonderful swimsuit for ladies, great for hanging out on the beach or swimming in the pool.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: removable and adjustable straps, versatile styling, skin friendly, flattering, sewn in molded cups and beautiful cut.

Swimsuits 2021

Meyeeka Womens Scoop Neck Cut Out Front Lace Up Back High Cut Monokini One Piece Swimsuit

This is the best buy for the price. Super cute, you will love the color.

Reasons to wear swimsuits : full coverage, versatile styling, scoop neck, skin friendly, flattering, comfortable and double-layered.

Swimsuits 2021

Zando Womens Swimsuits Halter Push Up Bikini Top with Briefs Two Piece Bathing Suits for Women Athletic Swimwear

Wonderful swimsuits for women with amazing versatility.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: low rise boy-short bottom with full lining, versatile styling, smooth fabric and very stretchy.

Swimsuits 2021

beautyin One Piece Althletic Swimsuit for Women Racerback Swimwear Bathing Suit

Amazing piece which will surely make your summer beautiful. Not to tight and not to loose, very comfortable.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: pull on closure, skin friendly, versatile styling, wide shoulder straps and very comfortable.

Swimsuits 2021

SHEKINI Women’s Floral Printing Cutout Strappy Halter Swimsuits Bikini Suits

You will be shocked by how cute this thing fits. It looks just like the photos and it’s pretty supportive, although very skimpy.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: strappy halter bikini top, flattering, low rise strappy string bottom and versatile.

Swimsuits 2021

Smismivo Tummy Control Swimwear Black Halter One Piece Swimsuit Ruched Padded Bathing Suits for Women Slimming Vintage Bikini

As the name suggests this suit is easily adjusted to accommodate for torso length or bust size.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: removable padded push up bras for support, skin friendly, versatile styling, tummy control swimsuit and makes you look slimmer.

Swimsuits 2021

Trina Turk Women’s High Leg One Piece Swimsuit

Fashionable suit which will surely upgrade your look.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: pull on closure, versatile styling, skin friendly, unique design and comfortable.

Swimsuits 2021

Floerns Women’s High Waist Leopard Bikini Buckle Front Two Piece Swimsuit

Super cute swimsuit, thick fabric, a little cheeky, all in all a really well-made piece and looks absolutely fantastic overall.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: leopard print, versatile styling, flattering, skin friendly, comfy to wear and buckle closure.

swimsuit 2021

Tempt Me Women One Piece Plunge Monokini Sexy Hollow Out Swimsuits Bathing Suit

Wonderful swimsuit, an excellent choice for your swimsuits collection. The covered back is really nice, but the cross straps are cute and give it a chic look. The front is also really nice with the pads.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: criss-cross back style also takes the bathing suit to the next level, versatile and comfortable.

swimsuit 2021

CUPSHE Women’s Beautiful World Print One-piece Swimsuit High Waisted Swimwear

The quality is great. Material is nice and thicker, which is important. The quality is amazing.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: skin friendly, lightweight, versatile styling, flattering, beautiful cut and soft material.

swimsuit 2021

Trina Turk Women’s Plunge Wrap Front One Piece Swimsuit

Well-made swimsuit, and versatile enough for wearing it at the beach or at the pool.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: skin friendly, removable cups, versatile styling, moderate rear coverage and comfortable.

swimsuit 2021

MOLYBELL One Piece Swimsuits for Women High Waisted Bathing Suit Monokini Floral Print Cutout Racerback Zip Up

Super cute and comfortable and the material are great. It will fit perfectly and you will get so many compliments!

Reasons to wear swimsuits: smooth, stretchy, flattering, versatile styling, comfortable and very durable.

swimsuit 2021

Anne Cole Women’s Twist Front Shirred One Piece Swimsuit

Worn this at the beach, around a beach house, and at the pool. Very comfortable and stays up well with or without the straps. Very flattering shape.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: skin friendly, full bottom coverage, flattering, versatile styling and nice design.

swimsuit 2021

Zando Womens Vintage Frilly One Piece Swimsuit Tummy Control Swimwear Swimsuits Color Splicing Plus Size Bathing Suits

Design is flattering and helps hide the tummy. A really wonderful swimwear.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: versatile, flattering, moderate cutting and coverage in bottom.

swimsuit 2021

Dolfin Women’s Uglies Prints V-2 Back One Piece Swimsuit

Great training suit. Exceptional material and huge quality.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: V-back straps with keyhole back, smooth materials and versatile.

swimsuit 2021

Teenhi Women Halter V-Neck Tankini Swimsuits Retro Printed Tank Top with Tribal Bottoms Plus Size

This suit is cute, and is so pretty and comfortable.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: comfortable, flattering, 100% polyester and versatile.

swimsuit 2021

Century Star Women’s Two Piece Swimsuit Halter Printed Top with Boyshort Bottoms Fashion Bathing Suit

Wonderful swimsuit for ladies. The bottoms are a good length for the pool, beach, and paddle boarding.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: lightweight, skin friendly, versatile styling, moderate elasticity, quick drying and breathable fabric.

swimsuit 2021

Blooming Jelly Women’s Vintage One Piece Swimsuit Lace Tummy Control Halter Swimwear Bathing Suit

The cut, stripes, and appliqué is all executed so well, it made for a perfectly flattering and comfortable suit.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: quick-drying fabric, versatile styling, soft and comfortable to wear.

swimsuit 2021

Sidefeel Women One Piece Swimsuit Scoop Neck Buttoned Decor Monokini Swimwear

This bathing suit looks really good and upgrade your look. It fits nice in all the right spots and us very flattering. The material is truly amazing.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: retro tummy-control bathing suit, skin friendly, versatile styling, lace up closure and comfortable.

swimsuit 2021

CUPSHE Women’s Flower Dance High-Waisted Back Lace Bikini

Quality, colors and design are all fantastic.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: high-waisted fit, skin friendly, lace-up back and strappy at bottom sides.

swimsuit 2021

CUPSHE Women’s Ruby Red Ruffled Back Tie One Piece Swimsuit

Beautiful, great material, perfect fit, covered all your areas.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: with padding cups, skin friendly, very comfortable and versatile.

swimsuit 2021

Tempt Me Women One Piece Swimsuit Cutout High Neck Printed Tummy Control Bathing Suit

Great bathing suit. Good quality for a low price.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: very stretchy, comfy, skin friendly, versatile styling, durable and breathable.

swimsuit 2021

Kenneth Cole New York Women’s V-Neck Latter Front Halter One Piece Swimsuit

Wonderful swimsuit made from a quality material and a perfect design.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: the push-up bra style of this suit enhances your cleavage and offers bust support for a variety of curves.

swimsuit 2021

PERONA Women’s One Piece Swimsuits Tummy Control Bathing Suits Ruffled Plus Size Swimwear

The quality is really nice and the color is the exact match of the picture on the website. And the price is reasonable as well.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: flattering flounce makes you more fashionable and attractive and original print mixed with flowers and leaves.

swimsuit 2021

Tempt Me Women One Piece Bathing Suit Slimming Crisscross Lace Up Swimsuit

This suit is so comfortable and sexy at the same time.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: stretchy, elastic, skin friendly, versatile styling, comfortable and durable.

swimsuit 2021

B2prity Womens Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuits Front Crossover Slimming Mesh Bathing Suit

This swimsuit looks amazing and you will get tons of compliments.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: skin friendly, versatile styling, breathable and soft removable padded cups.

swimsuit 2021

Anne Cole Women’s Shirred Maillot Solid One-Piece Swimsuit

Suit frames your body nice. Quality & Sturdy. Has great support, not just flimsy inserts to support the girls. You feel attractive without showing off everything you have.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: comfortable, versatile styling, removable cups and adjustable straps.

swimsuit 2021

Century Star Tankini Swimsuits for Women Halter Bathing Suits Crew Neck Two-Piece Swimwear Tank Top with Bikini Bottom

The colors and style of the white/multicolored top are just as pictured.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: floral printed pattern tank top, versatile styling, tummy control, flattering, striking and fashionable.

swimsuit 2021

O’NEILL Women’s Solid V-Neck Plunge One Piece Swimsuit

The quality is amazing. The color is great to and is super flattering. It hides all the problem areas.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: comfortable, skin friendly, very nice design and huge versatility.

swimsuit 2021

Trina Turk Women’s V-Plunge One Piece Swimsuit

This is an adorable swimsuit.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: pull on closure, removable cups, adjustable straps, versatile styling and moderate coverage.

swimsuit 2021

Wenly zeng Women’s One Piece Swimsuits Tummy Control Bikini Shirred Front Bathing Suits

Wonderful swimsuit for ladies.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: no underwire, removable cups,lightly lined and adjustable over the shoulder straps.

swimsuit 2021

Kenneth Cole New York Women’s High Neck Keyhole Halter One Piece Swimsuit

Such a high quality! The colors, the fabric, the way it looks.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: pull on closure, removable cups and adjustable tie straps offer you sexy support.

swimsuit 2021

Trina Turk Women’s Off Shoulder Ruffle Bandeau One Piece Swimsuit

Comfortable bathing suit.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: versatile swim top, full coverage in front and back and solid off-the-shoulder bandeau one piece.

swimsuit 2021

La Blanca Women’s Island Goddess Underwire Cross Back Tankini Swimsuit Top

The top is so comfortable and still sporty enough.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: pull on closure, very comfy and flattering.

swimsuit 2021

BALEAF Women’s Conservative Athletic Racerback One Piece Training Swimsuit Swimwear Bathing Suit

The bathing suit is classic, good-looking and well-constructed. It’s perfect for lengths swimming.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: durable polyester fabric, Chlorine resistant and comfortable.

swimsuit 2021

CUPSHE Women’s Dream Space Lace Up Bikini Set Beach Swimwear

The quality is great, the fit was perfect, and the color is gorgeous.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: versatility, quality cut and comfort.

swimsuit 2021

Calvin Klein Women’s Halter Pleated Side One Piece Swimsuit

Really great top support as well if you would like to wear it in water and not just lay out poolside. A truly quality swimsuit.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: good material, UV protection up to 50+ UPF/SPF, removable soft cups and very comfortable.

swimsuit 2021

I2CRAZY Womens Bandeau Two Piece Bikini Swimsuits Strapless Top with High Cut Bottom Bathing Suit

Bottoms fit perfect, and the material is so soft and stretchy.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: high quality fabric, versatile styling, stylish and top off-shoulder,

swimsuit 2021

Sidefeel Women Tribal Printed Tankini with Boyshort Bikini Set

Great quality swimsuits for women.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: versatility, lightweight and built-in sports bra with adjustable straps.

swimsuit 2021

PrimaDonna Cocktail Slimming Control One Piece Swimsuit

Incredibly cute one piece swimsuit. The bra size measurement is very accurate. There’s great support and the wrap top has a separate layer over the bra that lets you adjust for your modesty comfort level.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: integrated wire bra, versatile styling, comfortable and quality material.

swimsuit 2021

Trina Turk Women’s High Neck One Piece Swimsuit

Wonderfully designed and qualitative swimsuit.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: pull on closure, versatile styling, stunning tropical flora print and nice look.

swimsuit 2021

I2CRAZY Womens One Piece Swimsuits Mesh V Neck Monokini Bathing Suits Tummy Control Swimwear

Very flattering and good looking swimsuit for women.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: deep plunge back design, versatile styling, neck hook closure and lightweight.

swimsuit 2021

Mara Hoffman Women’s Mia One Piece Swimsuit

The quality and weight of the fabric is excellent. A really nice swimsuit.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: scoop back detail, versatility and beautiful design.

swimsuit 2021

Sporlike Women One Piece Swimsuit V-Neck Ruffle Bathing Suit Padded Monokini

Very flattering and good looking swimsuit.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: versatile styling, tie closure, moderate coverage and modern look.

swimsuit 2021

Seafolly Women’s Dd Cup One Piece Swimsuit with Contrast Panels

This is a very well made suit. The quality and fit are perfect.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: versatile styling, adjustable cross back shoulder straps, ladder back detail and pull on closure.

swimsuit 2021

CHYRII Women’s One Piece Swimsuit Color Block Wrap V Neck Tie Knot Bathing Suit

The color and material is more than perfect.

Reasons to wear swimsuits: high-quality fabric, versatile styling, tie knotted at waist and beautiful design.

swimsuit 2021

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