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If at the beginning, the bathing suit had to cover as much as possible from the body, at present it is sufficient for it to be made a patch of material. The V-shaped bikini pattern is becoming more fashionable among … In antiquity, for most cultures, swimming was done either in Eve’s costume or in pieces of material that resembled faces that covered the intimate parts.

A Short History

In the Middle Ages, bathing was severely discouraged, so that in the eighteenth century it was considered immoral and dangerous for health because of the alleged illnesses and infections it would have caused. In the Victorian era, bathing suits resembled outdoor clothing, they were cumbersome. They wore hats and long-sleeved dresses with some sort of underpants made of wool materials that did not become transparent in contact with water and whose only purpose was to protect the ladies’ bodies from exposure to the sun. No woman among the aristocrats wanted to tan, while the bronze was specific to the working class. As for the man’s suit, and he of wool, he brings a pajamas in one piece, covering the body from the knees and elbows to the neck. The beginning of the twentieth century changed the public perception of bathing in public spaces, swimming becoming a legitimate leisure activity, and the special outfit for the swamp took shape. From the women’s costume, the hats and gloves were removed, the standard clothing covering only the torso, arms and legs. A decade later, the true transition took place, the sleeves disappearing and the size of the trousers pulled down. Women began to look for swimming not only as a leisure opportunity, but also as a sporting competition. As a result, the swimsuit has been adapted to the new sport so it is comfortable and improve swim speed. Since then, the bathing suit has grown in size and has grown more and more on the body, despite objections from the conservatives and those who support the concept of morality. In the 20’s, one-piece variations appeared, exposing both arms and legs, which were fashionable until 1946, when Louis RĂ©ard, a French automotive engineer who became a fashion designer, launched the piece of clothing which has resisted to date: bikini. Named after the Bikini Atoll, the place where, after the end of the Second World War, the Americans detonated 23 nuclear bombs, motivating that they expected the new fashion to “explode” on the beaches of the world.

Bathing suit – illusion of a perfect body?

Women love to look great every time, and bathing suits contribute to highlighting or diminishing a look, just like any other accessory. There are many styles of bathing suits that match both trends in fashion and different body shapes. It is well known that women have different bodies and therefore require different styles of swimwear. No one is perfect, but a fitting bathing suit can create the illusion of a perfect body.

The latest trends in swimwear are absolutely wonderful and are very varied. Vintage and modern styles allow women to choose their swim suit according to their preferences and personal style.

Bear in mind ( Guide to Buying The Perfect Swimsuit ):

– Choose a swimsuit in one piece or two, depending on your preference.

– If you choose a two-piece swimsuit, try to choose one with a cut that highlights your legs and creates an effect of stretching them, balancing your silhouette. The bottom should be darker than the top to distract.

– Tankini swimsuits ( which consist of a slip and a larger top ) is ideal for women with a beautiful waist but who do not like their hips or their breasts.

– If you choose a swimsuit in a piece, try one with a colored top print or one with a drawing to attract attention.

For women with a larger bust:

– Women with a large bust should be careful about the protection that the bathing suit offers. Big boobs need the right suit to look great. Choose a two-piece swimsuit with a top that binds to the neck so that it gives you the support your breast needs.
– If you want a swimsuit in one piece, choose one with an extra cup holder.

For women with a small bust:

– If you have a small bust, try to choose a smaller bathing suit, such as the Brazilian, because it gives the body the balance it needs.
– If you choose a two-piece swimsuit, make sure you pick one with a push-up bra, because it gives the illusion of a bigger bust.
– Choose a trendy outfit with a deep cleavage.

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