About Sundress

According to most of the accepted definition a sun dress is an informal or a casual piece intended to be worn in warm weather, typically in a lightweight fabric, most commonly cotton, and usually loose-fitting. It is commonly a bodice style, sleeveless dress, typically with a wide neckline and thin shoulder straps, and may be backless.

Why Guys Love Women in Sundresses

Well, there are a lot of reasons, but to be practical let’s try to enumerate as good as we can :

  • It’s Very Nostalgic
  • It’s Basic, can’t go wrong
  • It’s Very Hot
  • It’s Curve-Hugging
  • It’s Sultry
  • It’s Very Chic

Sun Dress – Perfect Piece for Summer

Summer is a season expected by women around the world. This season can be worn the most beautiful and hottest kept throughout the year. And what’s more handy than the sun dress.

There are certain things I look for when buying a dress. From my point of view, these elements separate a perfect summer dress from an ordinary dress:

    – Allow the skin to breathe (plus if it is 100% cotton, but there are also exceptions with 10% Lycra)
    – Easy to wash (if the label says “Dry Clean ONLY” – only chemical cleaning is disqualified from the start). There is a difference between “Dry Clean” and “Dry Clean Only”. Clothes that only have the label “Dry Clean” can be washed at home and not only at the laundry. This not only saves your budget, but it can also save your dress in the long run. Chemicals used for dry cleaning have harmful effects on textiles, especially if they are used excessively.
     – Easy to pack (ideal for spontaneous mountain or sea getaways)
     – Comfortable and vaporous (if you like to feel the breeze “all over your body” the comfort part is an essential element).

Comfortable Sun Dress Patterns for Ladies

Short Polka Dots Sun Dress – they look very nice, cute and why not, very hot in the summer. A wonderful piece which will prove to be a fine addition to you sun dresses collection.

Slip dresses – Not only for two decades now, but since the middle of the last century, countless celebrities and it-girls have worn this trend in lingerie, the fur dress, which has proven to be virtually immortal over time. The element that originally served as a layer worn under dresses has now become a real category of clothing that can be worn not only in the evening at a cocktail event, but also during the day with proper layering.
But what is the slip dress and what defines it? This type of dress is characterized by a minimalist look, often in a single color, with spaghetti straps and medium length. The slip dress is also made of a silky, fluid material that gives it an extremely sexy look. Black is the most popular color for this product, but shades of beige, pale pink, lavender and pastels in general are other common options.
Over time the slip dress has become popular for its versatility. It can be combined with casual elements such as sports shoes, denim jackets and sweaters, but also with elegant jackets, heeled shoes and sparkly jewelry for moments when you want to shine. So, we have prepared below some tips on how you can wear it this summer.
The more modest people, who regard the slip dress as too sexy, can create a layering by wearing it over a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans. This combination can accompany you throughout the day with a comfortable pair of sports shoes.
For a suitable look at the office, opt for a variant without lace inserts, with a shallower neckline, which you can wear under an oversized jacket, with a pair of ballerinas, a light bun and a natural make-up.
Some women prefer minimalism. In this case you can wear it as such, with a discreet accessory. When it comes to shoes, opt for a pair of clogs, with or without heels, depending on your preferences, and fine jewelry such as a simple string of pearls at the base of the neck.
Slip dress is suitable, of course, in summer, at sea. Here I recommend choosing a variant in a pastel shade of blue or beige that you can wear with a pair of flat sandals, a raffia bag and a wide-brimmed straw hat.
For evening events or when you want to be sexy, choose a slip dress with lace inserts, a pair of sandals with heel and ankle strap and a pair of massive earrings with stones for a final touch of glam.

sun dress
sun dresses

Maxi dresses – They look great and are perfect for any body type, which is a huge advantage. It seems a perfect summer dress, and any stylish lady would wanted in her sun dresses collection. The special cut and the diversified color palette are aspects that could tempt you to spend a fortune when going to the shops to choose maxi dresses. Despite the translucent allure that these garments emanate, you must keep in mind that our silhouettes are different, which is why it is advisable to choose the right model carefully.
A maxi dress with delicate prints is a very inspired choice if you are short in height. You will also benefit from the models of long dresses with vertical stripes, which will give the feeling of an elongated silhouette.
Focus on versatile dresses that can be easily transformed just by using the right accessories. A black maxi dress can be worn at the beach, for a walk or even at a glam party, depending on the material from which it is made. In addition, a black maxi dress is also suitable for full silhouettes, as it masks body shapes.
Maxi dresses made of fluid and light materials generally benefit from slim and slender silhouettes. Satin or silk are two precious materials, ideal for the lavish events of your life. The maxi dress is the key clothing item of this summer. Because it has a light cut, such a dress might look faded, especially if we are talking about a very simple model, such as the uni ones. To avoid monotonous outfits, it is important how we accessorize such a dress.
You can shape your outfit by highlighting your waist with a wide belt, or on the contrary, with a thin belt. Another unique way to enhance this area of ​​your body is to accessorize with the help of a ribbon or scarf.
Of course, when temperatures drop, a maxi dress can be complemented by a jacket with a curved cut, whose length does not exceed the waist. You can also wear jeans or leather jackets for these dresses. However, avoid oversized jackets if you do not want to get an outfit that looks sloppy. Maxi dresses will always look sensational in combination with high-heeled shoes, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only option you have. Platform sandals are a mix of elegance and comfort, but you can also opt for ballerinas, sneakers or flat-soled sandals.

Halterneck Short Sun Dress – Halter neck design is a simple sexy summer dresses and attractive neck design. The material used in designing the dress can be either made from floral print or a simple plain synthetic material. No matter the material halterneck short sun dress looks marvelous and it is perfect for any sun dresses collection.

Long Bohemian Style Sun Dress – Bohemian style dress can also be called as the hippie style white summer dress, which is quite famous among young girls and women. Looks very nice and romantic, this item is specific to sensitive and delicate women. The bohemian style dress is a masterpiece in our opinion and it’s presence in sun dresses collection is a must. There is nothing better than a comfortable maxi dress for the holidays. Just slip on the dress, add a few accessories, and you’re good to go. You can wear it on its own with a pair of platform shoes for a casual dinner, or layer it over a t-shirt and athletic shoes for a daytime look.
Choose long dresses in cotton or linen, as these are the best fabrics for summer. However, if you’re worried about wrinkles, you can look for wrinkle-resistant fabrics like synthetics. White is the right color for the sunny season, but you can also opt for lively and fun prints like floral or patchwork.

Beachwear Long Sun Dress – Body-hugging summer wear party dress is one of the sexiest casual summer beach dresses among the clothing option for young girls and women. Maybe it is worth to mention that beachwear long sun dress it suits well for body toned girls and women. Hot and stylish, beachwear long sun dress are the perfect candidate for any women’s sun dresses collection.

Mini Skirt Design Summer Dress – The material used in designing this type of dress is usually a lace pattern with lining attached which is the top part of the dress and the lower skirt design is made from the stiff cotton material. They look amazing and manage to put your lines in evidence. Mini skirt design dress is magical and represent a fine addition for sun dresses collection. Who says mini-skirt, says a thousand and one possibilities of looks!
We choose it in leather or vinyl for a rock outfit that we adopt in the evening but also during the day.
With its straight cut and deliberately worn look, it is ideal for casual looks.
The suede-look miniskirt is a real must-have! To wear in winter as in summer, it can be accompanied by fringes for a western look!
If the miniskirt is very short, as its name suggests, it can take several shapes to adapt to all body types.
In a skater version, straight, tight or asymmetrical, it’s up to you to choose the skirt adapted to your morphology.
For those who have trouble wearing the miniskirt, the skirt is your best ally! A skirt in front and shorts behind: ideal for being comfortable and staying trendy.

Strapless Sun Dress – This type of dress is one of the new summer dresses is known for their sexy design and extremely figure complementing the outfit. To this list of body complimenting the dress, this strapless summer dress is definitely must have dress among young girls. A perfect and wonderful piece, without any doubt and great solution for sun dresses collection.

Flirty Sun Dresses – No matter the fabric, this piece is timeless. They will instantly give you a very girly vibe. Looks great in so many situations and for sure could be a solution for your sun dresses collection.

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