White trousers is the song that you love it or hate it. Are difficult to wear, are inevitable target coffee stains, it’s hard to find a quality one and, if you’re not top model, you risk looking more like an elephant. Yes, but when you overcome all these little “obstacles” it can be a piece of clothing that can instantly transform into a “lady”.

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No white trouser can compete jeans. A white pants, besides the fear of dirty quickly, his behavior we find unpleasant feelings that seem chubby, that butt and thighs our gains circumference gargantuan, yet white trousers has in his DNA an elegance gene and. White trousers is multifunctional. We can dress it both day and night.

For an outfit for a day, imagine him matched with a shirt (uni, printed, denim chambray), a t-shirt design is a top flourished, a jacket denim or a top leather thin. We add ballerinas, moccasins, derby shoes, sneakers, colored or metallic gladiator sandals, sneakers Converse, some suede boots, espadrilles.
In the evening, change the level of refinement. It becomes elegant white trousers with a black or indigo tuxedo with a white blazer with a blouse in silk, lurex and a thin sweater of cotton and, of course, high heels.

Everything’s beautiful white pants or underwear until we reach, to reach the very source of ridicule to expose it. White pants, jeans triple veil or not raising the issue, it’s even better here to have a pantyhose as that does not gather, possibly with as little visible seams. But trousers in cotton or thin as every man bears are actually a rare canvas that shows and pantyhose cellulite and all. Therefore, if we know bearing white pants would not hurt a toe toned and with a decent tight white briefs and, perhaps panty shorts, no thong.

Pants in cotton, thin, which deforms and make cute as soon as you put them on you are creating for the beaches, holidays and other moments of relaxation, in any case for work or meetings essential (with bosses for example). Their appearance careless and transparency will put you immediately label you sure do not want it. First impression is created in the first few seconds, and 90% of any interactions derive meaning from nonverbal cues, only 7% of words spoken. So looking concordance between visual language and words!
White fat! You can only eat fat dressed in white. But as to detail, white creates the impression of volume, but it behaves like any other color that reflects light, if placed in croiuri linear, with vertical seams and certain textures. Thus, clothes can be an advantage if you have a cut and measure suitable body and your style. If you are wearing white trousers, because they talk about, then it’s better to be careful to cut rather than color:

– Boyish silhouette: wide-wide trousers, low waist and pockets, possibly in the style of men with forceps or if we have beautiful legs straight and confidently approached cigarette

– Triangle Silhouette: trousers tight at the top that widens as it descends, be sure to cover the shoe, otherwise I will cut height, avoiding detail around the waist

– The inverted triangle silhouette: boot-cut or regular, if they have something back pockets or on your hips and better details

– Silhouette with full forms, without waist: waist pants with normal low is not without pleats around the waist or other additions

– For those with short legs: high-waisted pants, slim fit and avoid low waist, wear heels

– For those not very straight legs: Avoid tight cut, trousers wide, extra long cuff, worn with heels is very chic

Because white is a non-color go with any other, but if you want volume in the lower body, wide white trousers, skirt trousers are almost to a highly chic.

White striped pants pockets, reinterpreting pants suit can become the centerpiece of any woman’s closet summer. Mollified with heels or flats, dress shirts and blouses are perfect for office decent, but with precious sandals, spangled tops and statement necklaces outfit to life “snob without effort” of any dive.

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