If you look and stylish, sexy and conquer the simplicity and freshness, choose a pair of white jeans for this summer.
White jeans look great combined with black top, creamy beige shoes and handbag. They are very versatile and can be matched with almost everything from shirts and blouses, silk, shirts, jackets, heels, sneakers, ballet flats or sandals with platform. In the following lines you some tips on ways to wear white jeans this season superbly.

White skinny jeans boot cut (ankle) are very beautiful and fit to many types of body from the androgynous style – to the one with forms. Unfortunately, women should avoid them are those with short legs, because this type of jeans cut leg and gives exactly the effect which should be avoided.

Some interesting tips:

– Appropriate measure. Unfortunately, the color white is not very suitable for overweight women, but if you have a body or skinny without extra kilos, this element will come your dress perfectly. Keep in mind though that white skinny jeans will highlight any “roundness”. Plus, white jeans sizes larger or boyfriend jeans type models are not very flattering in a chic outfit.

If you have shapes, choose a pair of white jeans straight or slightly flared to create the illusion of long legs.

If you’re a smaller body, androgynous or, simply low you can choose smoothly skinny jeans, even a 3/4 model.

If you’re short, you can wear skinny jeans, but if they are too long, it is not alright.

– Do not scrimp on quality. When a pair of white jeans are not tailored properly, it shows precisely because white stands out more easily. Choose a pair of white jeans a material quality and carefully tailored. Go look on a simple, minimalist, to convey elegance. Avoid pairs ‘improved’ with sequins, prints or pebbles, not to give the impression of cheap and gaudy outfits.

– Wear proper undergarments. Who likes to see a pair of black pants, red or multicolored, through a pair of white pants? If you choose to dress jeans white, then it is advisable to wear nude colored underwear or even nude seamless underwear. Also, no white underwear is not a good choice. Take the nude tones!

– White means cleaning. Tue, nothing is more disastrous than white jeans full of stains. Wash them after every wear and remember to use a bleach to get a bright white.

The jeans are and will always be the easiest choice for any woman when she wants to wear something comfortable and trendy at the very same time.

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