Summer is already installed in rights, it is clear to everyone but unfortunately had to go and in the office, so here is a new challenge for us … how we dress ladies?
Regardless of profession (sales, waitress, bank officer), the clothes you wear when you go to work must clearly indicate that you are at work, to help you to have a professional image, but do not hide your charm. Blouses, skirts, hats, bags, sandals and all you have to represent you and you feel comfortable.

Choosing an appropriate summer office attire, and to be both comfortable and cool as possible, it becomes a real challenge. Be in step with the latest trends.

Clearly jackets (blazers) are a good choice and you can reach out very quickly in a morning mess you’re in front of the closet and do not know what to dress quickly and run to the office. The jacket has long been an item of clothing worn most often in office outfits. In recent years, however, increased versatility jacket, making it increasingly met element in smart casual outfits, the evening or the urban chic. Of course we talk about light jackets, the warm weather wear.


jacket and jeans

jackets casual


If you have a job that lets you came in a dress it is perfect,  because this piece of clothing give you a creative freedom and has a huge versatility. No need to wear dresses too long or tight, you can opt for some short, colorful prints and metallic accessories. What you will not do, however, to keep a professional: do not wear shoes with high heels. Ballet or platform sandals are a great choice. If you opt for a dress with thin straps, wear a blazer thin (short sleeve possibly) which will give you a look consistent with the work environment.

summer dress

summer business suit

dress ladies


Skirts are one of the best for summer days. It is mandatory that theirs a shade too dark, or they may not be shorter than knee. Modern prints in various shades are easy to match with blouses or knit tops, and if it is suitable for a wide belt, with buckle massive, do not hesitate.

business skirt

black summer skirtskirt

Comfortable shoes

Yes, as we discussed in detail in an article some time ago, it is imperative that standing to have a pair of comfortable shoes which can complete your summer office attire. No matter what job you have if you make the mistake of a pair of shoes that you collect or you are uncomfortable your whole day will be a disaster. Whether you opt for sandals, shoes, or the sport shoes make sure you are very comfortable.

comfy shoesshoe

Tips on how to dress to the office so that it is neither wrong nor gloomy:
– Avoid shorts, shirts and blouses transparent, no matter how hot and even if you work in back office – avoid them
– Buy a dress with drawstring, classic and serious. Avoid deep necklines. Watch fits you well and be tight cord so as not to create too large folds
– Wear knee skirts and dresses, not shorter. Job is not a place where you have to get too sexy
– Choose a sleeveless dress is essential. Day wear a jacket over it, and at night you can just limit it to a jewelery. Also, a pencil skirt, but seek one that allows you to move easily. Dresses and long skirts are more appropriate for summer weddings and parties
– To customize the outfit do not forget the accessories, especially if you wear clothes with simple lines. It is also suitable to wear one color because you can accessorize with something more daring such as a necklace or a scarf. However, avoid long necklaces and earrings, especially those that make noise.

No one can deny the importance of workplace clothing. Regardless of how to meet the duties as an employee, clothing worn at work can affect the smooth running of your career.

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