The perfume it’s a very important aspect of a man’s image. Let’s not forget that this element it’s the first thing a woman will “feel” when she meets you. So we will talk about the latest tendencies for this summer fragrances for men.

During the summer, the nature achieves it’s maximum point of splendor, celebrating life and diversity, therefore the perfumes should smell of love for life.

The general rule when you consider buying a summer fragrance it’s that it has to be fresh, tonic and joyful.
Usually men are using a heavy aroma, for example the woody one, but during the summer things are changing a lot. As I was saying few lines above, during the summer is better to use a fresh and cool aroma. It’s not easy to choose properly from all the types available on the market so I’ve made a Top 10 summer perfumes for men. It is obviously a subjective Top 10, but I hope it will make your decision easier and help you choose the right one for you since it has basically the best summer fragrances in the world for men.

10. Aqua di Gio Armani

It is a perfume launched many years ago which can still succeed to maintain itself into the market over the years due to some incontestable qualities. It contains some extremely fresh marine notes and it is a persistent kind of fragrance without being very strong while having also some citrus notes which can be felt quite easy.

9. Uden by Xerjoff

It is a summer perfume, exclusive, extremely sophisticated for stylish men and also demanding person. It is a very refreshing and long lasting fragrance with a combination of lemon and vanilla notes. His unmistakable aroma makes this fragrance special because of the fine smell of coffee. It is an expensive perfume because it is really exclusive, it’s not just for anyone and few people appreciate it and afford it. Xerjoff is very careful when it comes to quality and individuality so you will definitely feel that aspects.

8. Versace pour home

Typically for Versace, a special fragrance with fresh notes, perfect for the warmest season of the year. It has an extremely persistent citrus aroma mixed perfectly with Tonka. Yes, as i said it is perfect for summer and should not miss from your fragrance portfolio if you want to be on trend and of course, to smell perfect.

7. Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

A fresh perfume with a good persistence, it’s a fair fragrance for a simple man, not very sophisticated, but powerful. It has some massive notes of lemon and cedar which makes him perfect for the hottest season of the year.

6. Vetiver by Guerlain

An exceptional perfume, extremely fresh but delicate and stylish in the same time, it has a perfect aroma for the summer time if you are a stylish man who respects himself.  Guerlain is usually so refined and delicious, and this fragrance is perfect for summer. Some of the specialists say that it is a perfume made in old school way , but still, remains in high regard.

5. Armani Code by Armani

As I was saying in my previous articles, the Armani brand it is unmistakable and I am saying of course in a good way. Armani Code is imposing itself without an olfactory aggression on the surrounding people because it has a fine, delicate and refreshing smell.

4. Guerlain Homme

Well yes, Guerlain again and this is because it because it is a very offering brand with a lot of quality fragrances. I’ve heard a lot of people saying that Guerlain Homme it is inspired from the Mojito cocktail, but of course it’s a figure of speaking, yet a good one if I may add because indeed this perfume makes you think about beach, fun and mojito. We say cocktail, we say summer , and we say Guerlain Homme because he should not miss from any possible summer fragrance top for men.

3. Iceberg Burning by Iceberg

Here it is an interesting fragrance, a little atypical with notes of musk and sage (quite odd for summer time maybe) but with very aggressive influences of frozen apples. On short, a special perfume. Not only special but also incredibly refreshing, so , in this regard you may be sure that it is a perfect summer fragrance solution.

2. Coolwater by Davidoff

An extremely refreshing fragrance created if you didn’t know by Philippe Bousseton who declared that he used as a source of inspiration the Pacific Ocean and his special aroma. Actually this perfume has an interesting combination of citrus and flavored herbs.

1. Le Male Stimulating Summer Fragrance by JPG

The connoisseurs already know, we are talking about a limited edition of the already known, the famous Jean Paul Gaultier. All JPG fragrances are absolutely fantastic and this one doesn’t make an exception. One of the most creative and ingenious brand, JPG has surpass himself with this ravishing perfume which it is based on mint, lavender and the classic santal which make an excellent combination. It is perfect for summer , it is perfect for an athletic man, sure of himself and full of life.

Did you know that?
Perfume, depending on origin may be of many kinds: natural, synthetic and semi-synthetic – natural with synthetic. There is a very well established law in this regard on this category of cosmetics. Perfume, depending on the concentration, can be divided into species or extracts with a concentration of between 15% and 30% perfume.


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