It has been summer already therefore one of the most important pieces of the outfit from your wardrobe is the dress. Yes, the summer dresses 2022 is versatile and, if it has the right fabric, it can be perfect for any outfit.

How to wear summer dresses in any season

If you love to have as many summer dresses 2022, then surely you are willing to find many ways to make the most of them, even when it’s quite cool outside. It is not the case to give up the famous pairs of tights, but just to keep them in your everyday outfits. A summer dress looks great when paired with a simple pair of tights. It is important that their material is a quality one, not to be worn and not too sporty. Another idea about how to wear summer dresses in any season is to put on skinny jeans. If you still have a cardigan on you, a maxi scarf and a pair of boots, you have already secured an extremely modern, chic and warm outfit. How to wear summer dresses for the season to which they are intended I do not think it is difficult to guess. In case the weather is too hot, maybe even hot, then I recommend the very light dresses, which allow the body to breathe and let every gust of wind pass easily through the material. Too soft dresses cause overheating, which leads to excessive perspiration and even bad moods. It is important to weigh the situation, to find out what you should wear before leaving the house, as you will want to feel good and comfortable, even at higher temperatures.

We should admit that the summer is a season which everybody loves. Or almost everybody anyway. Well, during the summer we need to be creative too in order to have the prettiest outfits wherever we’ll go.
Actually, the summer is perfect because it gives you the opportunity to dress more sensual and attractive than you would normally do during the rest of the year.

What qualities must a dress have to be empowered?

Summer dresses 2022 are pieces of clothing that can always be part of a casual outfit for women. Depending on how we choose them, they can be versatile and can be combined in such a way that they fit any body shape and highlight the strengths and femininity of those who wear them. There are certain things I look for when buying a dress. From my point of view, these 3 elements separate a perfect summer dress from an ordinary dress:

  • Easy to wash is an important aspect for every women. Being easy to wash represents an excellent argument.
  • Let your skin breathe (a plus if it’s 100% cotton, but there are still exceptions with 10% Lycra).
  • Easy to pack (ideal for spontaneous mountain or sea getaways). Comfortable and vaporous (if you like to feel the breeze “all over your body” the comfort part is an essential element).


How To Choose A Summer Dress 2022:

Before you start choosing your summer dress, you have to consider the size, a very decisive factor in choosing a pretty dress.
The summer dress that matches your figure – Having an idea about the summer dress you want is good, but it should still fit your body perfectly. If you are tall, choose dresses that reach above or slightly below your knees. If you are, on the contrary, small, prefer a thin dress with summer straps, short with small patterns. You will be cute like everything in this dress. If you are a little round, go for summer dresses with volume and avoid those tight to your body. If you are really round, opt for a low-cut or V-shaped dress to highlight your chest and avoid putting forward your size. Women with large calves should imperatively avoid mid-calf dresses.
The short and long summer dresses are all pretty, but do not go to all the silhouettes. The smaller ones are better for short dresses while the long ones are better for large ones. But short dresses also go very well with women who have a tall, slender figure. This is therefore advantageous for large women who can wear both. But if you’re tall and have big calves, opt for a long summer dress instead.
The width of the dress is also important in choosing your summer dress. All women prefer slim dresses for the sexy effect they give. So, If you have curves, opt for a cotton dress with a neckline. But if you are thin, you can opt for a square dress or a summer dress with a puffy skirt that does not exceed the knees.
In addition to the shape of your figure, the color of your summer dress count for a lot in the development of your body. It is therefore known that dark colors, thin the silhouette of plump women. These colors also go well with women with pale hair to give you a softer appearance. Unlike dark hair with which pale colors go well. If you are thin, all colors can match you based on your skin color.
If you have a small chest, opt for square collars. If you have a generous chest, highlight it with a low-cut collar. The neckline must be pretty and sexy but not vulgar.
In addition to the size and the morphology, the style is also important in the choice of the dress. It is certainly necessary to take into consideration your silhouette, but not to put aside your style which highlights your personality. Sometimes just choose the patterns of the dress to reflect your preferences. So if you’re romantic, take a floral summer dress. If you prefer the girly look, take a pink dress if it matches the color of your skin. If you are more “Rock’n’roll”, choose an assertive color like red or black. If you want a sexy style for an evening between lovers, choose a dress close to the body, if you have a rather slender silhouette.

Wearing dresses during the summer can be a difficult choice for any woman, and not just because during the season shorts and bikinis are the protagonists, rather it would be because it is basic to find a combination or accessory that makes the dress look enough. Good for summer without falling into the informal or outdated. On hot days, wearing a dress is a good choice, but it doesn’t hurt to follow a few tips to look better and be more. Here we leave you a small list of summer dresses that you can follow to complete your outfit and to look radiant this season. For hot summer days, the best option for your outfit is a dress. It is a very comfortable garment and easy to combine. This season there is a great variety to choose from, whether it is short, long, midi dresses or shirts, among others.

The choice of colors should always remain at your discretion, because you probably know best which shade benefits you or best expresses your personality.

When it comes to choosing casual summer dresses, for walks in the city or on the beach, it is not at all difficult to find suitable models in your favorite shades.

Things get a little complicated when you are looking for some elegant summer dresses, in which you can feel comfortable even at high temperatures, for quite long periods of time, without compromising on elegance and sensuality. So, if you are going to participate in daytime events, outdoors, it is preferable to avoid black dresses, even if you look spectacular in them. Instead, choose pastel shades or tassels that make you think of exotic vacations, such as turquoise or solar yellow.

With a small dress, it is possible to correct slightly wider hips, draw attention to a beautiful chest, expand flowing hips, soften the waist, refine the figure, hide less firm arms, etc … So choosing the right cut is paramount. In a beautiful chest neckline, in a fitted waist, in a model that refines the bust, in a beautiful length to highlight your beautiful legs, the dresses are of all shapes, all styles, all lengths, there are some plethora for every woman, and therefore one for you! If you have an “A” silhouette, i.e. hips that are wider than your shoulders, the little trapeze dress or empire dress suits you very well, a fitted dress that widens downwards. Do not take dresses called “sheath” or straight because they will mark your hips.

Choose a dress with a high neckline, boat neckline, draped, pleated, or strapless. If your morphology is “H”, ie the hips aligning with the shoulders, with a slightly erased waist, you need to opt for a straight dress, which follows the line of your body. For “X” silhouettes, you can afford everything, so have fun! To highlight your feminine figure, opt for fitting dresses that will sublimate your marked waist. Short dresses are to be preferred if you are small in size and have a low neckline.

For small breasts, opt for empire dresses or dresses with pleats or drapes on the top to thicken your chest. If you finally have the “V” shape, that is to say hips narrower than the shoulders, release your chest to soften the “squareness” side of your shoulders.

Prefer flowing, or form-fitting, straight, or trapezoidal dresses to balance and feminize your figure. Avoid strapless, turtleneck, or shoulder-length dresses that will accentuate your bust.
Choose your summer dress according to the events – The event you go to is important in choosing the summer dress. If you are going to a casual event like a family lunch, take a casual dress made with cotton for example. The strapless or sleeveless dress is highly recommended for this type of event.
You’re invited to a posed event like a wedding ceremony, choosing the summer dress can be more complicated. You need a simple dress with pearl embroidery that you can enhance with jewelry and party accessories.

The summer dresses you can wear at chic events can cost you dearly. If you have a limited budget, no need to look for a big brand dress because it may ruin you. In addition, you can buy them online and receive them at home without leaving. Consider going to thrift stores, you can find wonders there! You can find dresses similar to those made by big brands without spending a small fortune.


Here are some trendy sun dresses 2022 :

Floral print dress – Floral print dresses are among the must-have pieces of this season. Moreover they are always first option between latest trendy dresses. Floral print dresses will never be outdated, but they are quite difficult to wear without making mistakes. First of all, you have to remember that they are quite loaded, so the rest of the outfit should be as simple as possible. When choosing your accessories, for example, it should be in a color found on the dress as well. If you do not like the result, opt for neutral tones. The floral print will attract all the attention, so the jewelry you wear should be as simple as possible. Point earrings, gold or silver, are the best choice. Avoid those chandeliers or very ornate, because you will load your outfit. Wear floral print dresses with white or jeans. The two associations are extremely fresh, they are good for anyone and, above all, anyone can do them. Imagine wearing your favorite pair of jeans next to a flower shirt, whatever their nature, they are small, symmetrical, large pictorial or realistic, stylized, dark as a photo in the negative, etc. Don’t forget to put your shirt in your pants and mark your waist with a belt. All in all floral print dresses could be a stunning option for your wishes regarding preferences of summer dresses. When you buy a floral print dress, you need to be very careful both in its color and pattern. If the dress will be worn during the day, you can opt for a little floral print. If, on the contrary, you wear the dress in the evening, then the pattern will have to be a slightly smoother one, so choose a generous print that stands out, and the dress is longer, maybe even up to the ground. It is also very important that the model you want to buy is also beneficial to you. Do not forget that the dress must be part of your personality. If not, you will wear it left and you will not feel comfortable at all. Choose your taste and what you think the silhouette also benefits from. You can wear dresses with floral print and floral embroidery, along with leather jacket and boots. She wears dresses with big or small flowers, both during the day, in casual outfits, and in the evening or on an occasion. She wears models of flu-flu dresses made of materials such as jersey, casual, but also of precious textures, such as silk or veil. She wears dresses with floral print, of any length: mini dresses, midi dresses but also maxi dresses. And especially, when we talk about how to wear summer dresses, we also talk about attitude and courage. And that’s because the dominant, crowded, opulent, luxurious floral prints are worn. And it is worn in assortments on the same style of opulence, of load. Dresses with floral print are worn in contrasting combinations. And, if we stop only at flower dress models, and we only talk about the patterns of this season, it is mainly opulence. Even if we are talking about big flowers, even if we are talking about dresses with a small floral print, wealth is the common element. The more flowers, the more chic! How to wear jewelry with flowery dresses – In general, dresses with bold prints, strong colors or geometric patterns can be accessorized with minimalist jewelry that does not compete with the print of the outfit. In the case of dresses with a floral print, depending on their cut, necklaces or earrings can make a discordant note with the model of the outfit, so it is better to turn your attention to accessories such as bracelets with colored stones or personalized engravings or a voluminous ring, to complete your outfit without loading it. If you want to wear necklaces, it is preferable to go for fine chains with discreet pendants, or a pair of small earrings. 

Summer Dresses 2022
Summer Dresses 2022
Summer Dresses 2022

– Nude dress – This summer you need to give them a chance, because they are in vogue, and nude is a color that suits anyone. Like any other color, nude exists in a variety of shades, from pinks to cream, beige, tan or tan, so depending on your skin tone. Nude dresses can be found in a wide range of models, from the wide ones to the bodycon, from the casual to the formal ones, successfully replacing the immortal “little black dress”, but unlike the LBD, where the idea of ​​your own encouragement is even encouraged. it exposes the skin in a provocative way, for nude dresses, which nonetheless offers a “naked” appearance, a more appropriate and refined choice is to keep the balance between the shape of the neckline and the length of the dress. Also, if you prefer mini dresses or extended neck dresses, you can wear them with a jacket or blazer to get a classy look. Nude dresses create that feminine and feminine look, and if delicacy characterizes you, you can accessorize the dress with sandals with thin bars or nude stiletto shoes and fine jewelry, made of metal or with pebbles in light shades. If you prefer a different look, more edgy or more vibrant, diversify the accessories, choosing statement pieces that will enhance you, but which will also highlight the dress, by contrast. Nude look good together with other neutral colors, especially black and white, as well as saturated shades such as raspberry pink, fuchsia, red and burgundy, but also royal blue, canary yellow, coral or raw green. For a glam look, focus on shiny jewelry and accessories in metallic shades and animal print. Regardless of the look you want to achieve, it is a good idea to wear accessories, whether it’s a pair of earrings, a slim fit, a watch or a day bag. The success of a nude dress is in the details! All in all nude dresses could be a stunning option for your wishes regarding preferences of summer dresses 2022.

Summer Dresses 2022
Summer Dresses 2022
Summer Dresses 2022

Strapless dress – If you have dresses in the wardrobe without straps, or with spaghetti straps, very low-cut, buy a bra with seamless cups, which will support the breasts “from the shade”. It is preferable to be the color of the skin. There are special strapless bras, but with the underside of the breasts like a small corset, so that it supports better and you feel more comfortable.
I envy you, I envy you the most, the ones you can wear, colorful, sporty bandeau bras, which can be seen through the sleeves of the shirt. I wear a bra a lot for such an attempt. And with that comes a piece of advice, for girls with bigger breasts, avoid bandeau bras, for us, the lucky ones, the ones with a reinforced cup were invented.
Transparent straps are ugly! Rather than wearing transparent straps, it is better to wear a bra with straps in a color matching the dress. That silicone turns yellow, gets dirty and is so visible! Give it up, it doesn’t fulfill its mission anyway and there are strapless bras anyway to leave your beautiful shoulders visible.
Toned arms, back and chest, with smooth skin, so the effect caused by their undressing will be the opposite of what you expect.Acne from the décolleté, a chore that affects us all without discrimination from time to time, we eat and live in a polluted environment, is treated by a dermatologist, but especially through a balanced diet, a lot of hydration and the elimination of as many factors as possible. Which stresses the body (whether they are smoking, excess sweets, fats, inappropriate creams, etc. If you have dresses in the wardrobe without straps, or with spaghetti straps, very low-cut, buy a bra with seamless cups, which will support the breasts “from the shade”. It is preferable to be the color of the skin. There are special strapless bras, but with the underside of the breasts like a small corset, so that it supports better and you feel more comfortable. I envy you, I envy you the most, the ones you can wear colorful, sporty bandeau bras, which can be seen through the sleeves of the shirt. I wear a bra a lot for such an attempt. And with that comes a piece of advice, for girls with bigger breasts, avoid bandeau bras, for us, the lucky ones, the ones with a reinforced cup were invented. We know that not a strapless dress does not suit every woman: for women with a larger bust, this model should probably be avoided. It is now acceptable to wear the strapless style during the day, so wear the look with heels, boots and ballerinas to keep it more casual, even though the heels look too good. When it comes to accessorizing, minimalism is the best. Less is certainly more when it comes to the trend of the strapless dress, so opt for a simple necklace, to draw attention to the neck and complete with a simple clutch.

Summer Dresses 2022
Summer Dresses 2022
Summer Dresses 2022

Polka Dot Dress – Polka dot dresses are and will always be fashionable, as long as you know how to accessorize them with the right jewelry, scarves, shoes, hats and handbags. The polka dots add good mood and consistency to the essential wardrobe. A mixture of grace and energy, they are constantly reissued in new and new ways, managing to conquer the fashion scene every season. Geometry has always generated fascinating patterns, inviting escape from everyday life and promoting a free spirit. Escapism allows you to express yourself, to contemplate unsuspected shapes and colors, without confining your imagination to correspond to the urban routine. It is important to create a story around your clothes, to explore each side of your personality in order to continuously reinvent yourself. Even if you start from the same basic ideas and are inspired by trends, it does not mean that the result will be one without uniqueness. Like a perfume, whose skin is influenced by the pH of the skin, and the clothing has several facets. They amplify and reveal themselves differently, depending on the characteristics and the attitude of the woman below. Polka dots are the emblem of the plethora of prints, remaining as desirable over time. Ubiquitous on the fashion scene, adored by women of all ages, they have an indisputable timeless charm. The midi dress with anchor and contoured waistband is characterized by freshness and dynamics, and can be considered a universal asset.The beads even cheer up a conservative wardrobe, focused on simple models. Discreet graphics allow their insertion in any stylistic exercise, adding personality to the appearance. Of course, the permanence of the piece is also enhanced by the flattering design, which emphasizes the fineness of the waist. I think polka dot dresses could be a stunning option for your wishes regarding preferences of summer dresses. The number of accessories depends on the size of the polka dots. If they are smaller, you can add larger jewelry and vice versa. Do not combine too many colors, but stick to one in terms of accessories, in addition to the shades found in the dress. If the dress is black and white, use a red hat, and if it is white with red polka dots, wear a black belt at the waist, red earrings and a black purse. You can also accentuate the dress with a large, fake or real flower, caught in the hair or at the waist. If you do that, don’t add anything else. Make sure that the shoes are not very complicated, but as simple as possible. If they are too bright or too high, they can stand out more than the clothing itself.

Summer Dresses 2022
Summer Dresses 2022

Animal print dress – The leopard print, the star of all printers, has so many references in the area of carnality, sexuality and power, that the effect produced on others is instant. Any reference to femme fatale, the games of seduction and the visual power over the opposite sex translates into animal print clothing, which closely follow the body line. In short, any outfit with at least one important animal print element, will earn points in the area of sensuality. I could say that there is a cult for animal print and two types of women. Those who wear and those who do not. On the other hand, this type of print is no longer considered taboo, becoming a must have, considered even basic, something you must have in your modern woman’s wardrobe anyway. So it is that – lately – even those who were categorically against this type of print, animal print, began to give in easily to temptation, whether they opted for a pair of shoes, a phone case or a top.
It is no coincidence that the animal print has turned from an isolated trend into something so popular. Although initially considered exotic, a symbol of luxury and opulence – because the animal print was originally not a print, but the actual skin of the animal – generally used by crowned heads and people with a high rank to show its status, this type of print became very popular after, in 1950, Christian Dior introduced the leopard print in his collections. Later, the hippie movement and the ’60s adopted this trend, metamorphosing it into all the colors of the rainbow, so that in the’ 70s, it was taken over in a more “tough” style of the punk-rock movement. The 1980s probably “worn out” this trend the most, and then it simply became independent, one of the currents that never went out of style.
Animal print can be a statement of courage and strength, if you associate it with a similar attitude. It is generally considered very sexy, but the way you accessorize the outfit can soften the languid air and temper it.
If you have chosen an animal print garment in eccentric colors, you must balance the outfit by matching it with other accessories in neutral colors. If you don’t want to go with the classic combination and add black pieces, an alternative can be the nude, cream shades.

Summer Dresses 2022
Summer Dresses 2022
Summer Dresses 2022

Boho dress– The Boho style began, although it seems hard to believe, in the 19th season, with the pre-Raphaelite period (a current follower of this style is Florence Welch). It has become a strong current – manifested in clothing – since the 60s and 70s, with the release of rules proposed by the Hippie movement. Where does the name of the Boho current come from? As “invaluable” as it may seem, Boho comes from “Bohemian Homeless”, meaning bohemian nomads, referring to the inhabitants of Central Europe. From Central Europe, the Boho style conquered the world, especially popularized by fashion-icons such as Sienna Miller, often called Boho-rock, Kate Moss, Grunge-Boho or Heroin-Chic or Milla Jovovich, with Mediterranean influences, in Ibiza. A Boho dress is an excellent choice for a summer dresses 2022 collection.
Choose Boho day dresses, short, inspired by the feminine fashion of the 60s and 70s. With a high waist, Empire style, with romantic details (round neckline, ruffles, color), inspired by the seventies fashion (flared bell sleeves) with a general kaftan line, this dress is suitable if you like the Boho style. Pair it with a choker necklace, from the same period mentioned above, with fringed sandals, boots, cowboy boots or ankle sandals. She wears maxi dresses, down to the ground, with prints inspired by nature, like a goddess of the forests. Is it anything more Boho than a maxi dress, steamy, with a print inspired by nature? Yes, a dress with all of the above, complete with a generous neckline and an even deeper slit on the leg. Ideal with a denim jacket on top, but also as such! Although it may not be the first style you think of when choosing your evening, cocktail or occasion outfit, you can be Boho at a party or ceremony. Our goal is to show you, with examples, how beautiful, feminine, relaxed and romantic a Boho occasion outfit can be. After choosing the length of your dress, it is important to pay special attention to the sleeves! If the season is still mild and cool, it is advisable to adopt a long sleeve dress that will cover a larger part of your body and thus protect you from the cold, which is not negligible.
On the other hand, wearing a long-sleeved dress on a summer afternoon can be very unpleasant and you could be too hot. So the feeling of being suffocated can be quickly felt, which is really very unpleasant.
Short sleeves will be preferable in the summer season thanks to their lightness and fluidity, a real comfort in everyday life. Of course, at low temperatures you can still continue to wear them by adding a small fitted jacket to your bohemian outfit.If you wear your dress in summer, it can be nice and modern to match it with any type of top, for example a crochet top, a large shirt or even a simple high room. For sure, boho dresses could be a stunning option for your wishes regarding preferences of summer dresses 2022.

Summer Dresses 2022
Summer Dresses 2022
Summer Dresses 2022

Linen dress – For both men and women, it is a deceptively relaxed material, which has a very chic appearance. I like its slightly crumpled side, falsely transparent and at the same time with a fall just enough to reveal the beauty of the weaving!
In recent times, my love for animals has led me to reconsider wearing certain materials, which I prefer to avoid when possible. So I prefer to opt for natural materials, avoiding synthetic (which is difficult to keep over time and complicated to recycle). Linen is therefore the perfect alternative.
In addition, it is an ecological material. Indeed, during its development, there is no waste: everything is used to make paper pulp, oil & co. In short, linen is really a quality material, light, comfortable to wear and resistant, on which I will continue to fall for a while.
You put on your dress in the morning with a pair of sandals or sneakers, and you’re ready to go for a walk all day! Do not hesitate to accessorize your outfit, because linen remains a fairly sober material that needs a little sophistication.
Little tip when I go on vacation or weekend: to iron a linen dress without taking an iron in my suitcase, I hang it in the bathroom in the morning when I take my shower. I put it on a hanger that I hang on the coat rack. With the steam and steam from my hot shower, the fibers naturally soften my dress. So beware, it will not be worthy of a dry cleaning, but that is not the goal either with linen!

Summer Dresses 2022
Summer Dresses 2022
Summer Dresses 2022

Safari dress – Safari dresses are an excellent choice for women who prefer an interesting, original and practical style at the same time. They have a free cut and are suitable for ladies of any type, correcting body proportions and camouflaging small imperfections. Safari dresses look great and emphasize the woman’s femininity and personality. The safari dresses are highlighted by a practical and comfortable tailor. With a rather simple look, such a dress looks elegant and graceful. Regardless of the type of figure, any woman can find a lot of models for virtually any occasion and event. Safari style is a harmonious combination of simplicity and elegance, which makes it universal. A safari dress gives you a beautiful and balanced figure, being a suitable choice, even for full-skinned women, as it visually removes a few pounds and makes the figure slimmer. Many women prefer the safari style because it offers models in which you can make active movements, without feeling constrained. Wrinkled sleeves are a distinctive feature of sporty style models. The safari dresses have a free cut, are not tight on the body, and have a large number of pockets. There are sleeveless or short-sleeved models. The length of the dress can be different and must be chosen depending on the event and the particularities of the figure. The most popular colors for safari dresses are white, red and khaki. The shades of yellow and ivory also look interesting. Brown is also a very original choice. In fact, the style itself does not impose limits on the range of colors, so you can opt for the color you prefer.

Summer Dresses 2022
Summer Dresses 2022
Summer Dresses 2022

Little white dress – In many peoples, the classic white dress, shorter, simpler and more versatile, is really representative. For example, Australian women wear a lot of white in the South. And in Europe, in many places, it even refers to the idea of luxury, haute couture. Firstly, because it highlights your perfectly tanned skin, and secondly because white is the best choice to protect yourself from the sun’s rays on hot days. The white dress is the perfect excuse to add a splash of color when it comes to shoes. Red shoes are the classic match but you can also choose emerald green or blue. The good reflex when you wear a white dress in town is to associate it with rock-style pieces, such as a leather jacket and silver jewelry for example. To perfect your urban look, put on a pair of white sneakers or high heels, and choose a colorful handbag. A trendy look. Need a super trendy model for walking around the city? We immediately think of the shirt dress. Its charming asset lies in its effortlessly trendy look. Nothing better than the immaculate dress to highlight your tanned complexion and look good. At the beach, we wear it with flat sandals for more practicality, and we play with accessories to energize its virginal side. Think of the it-bag of the moment: the wicker basket, the straw hat and the sunglasses.
For a bohemian look: one watchword, lace. Opt for a crocheted model at chest level, which lets your skin appear in transparency. The short ruffled short sleeves give the dress a wise style. Depending on your morphology, opt for a loose shape or closer to the body and length side, if the length is perfect during the day, a shorter model is needed in the evening. To perfect your outfit, bet on accessories: a flowery headband, a necklace and a pair of sandals.
– For a casual chic look: this is the perfect style for choosing a model with a fluid fabric. A straight shape allows not only all the fantasies, like lace or gathers on the sleeves for example, but also all the accessories: a wide belt at the waist to feminize the silhouette, a pair of ballerinas or pumps with small heels, original jewelry, a small denim jacket to break the shape of the dress.
– For a working-girl look: the little white dress can also be seen in the office. To avoid falling into bad taste, respect length and cutting standards. So, opt for a knee-length model, with a round neck if you have a large chest, or a V-neck if your chest is less generous. Always bet on a thick and very opaque fabric. Finally, forget the transparent lace. Prefer therefore a simple model, cotton, straight or curved cut to refine the size. Match this little white dress with simple pearl or sequin jewelry, and a pretty pair of heels.
For maximum style, don’t forget:
💕 Always choose an opaque fabric: transparent white makes the outfit neglected.
💕 Avoid the total lace look at the risk of falling into the bridal effect …
💕 Accessorize each white dress to avoid the nightgown look.

Summer Dresses 2022
Summer Dresses 2022
Summer Dresses 2022

Tartan dress – It’s one of the star trends of the season and you should, if you haven’t already, invest in a piece or two in plaid. Wear them with grunge boots, Dr. Martens shoes and slightly transparent black stockings and, of course, all kinds of berets.
Two pitfalls with the tartan print dress:
– the look of the school, which, if it can be super cute, can quickly make an old girl. The skater shape of the dress above is, for example, reserved for young women.
– the hyper retro look, which ages quickly.
Without regret, however, we can take off the plates at an adult, but not the grandfather, heading for simple shapes, without trinkets. I believe tartan dresses could be a stunning option for your wishes regarding preferences of summer dresses 2022.

Summer Dresses 2022
Summer Dresses 2022
Summer Dresses 2022

Yellow dress – Yellow dresses are, surprisingly, very popular this summer. And we say surprisingly because the color yellow is one of those shades that not many women dare to wear. Bright, strong, vibrant and intense, yellow is not one of the first options when we want to create an outfit that stands out in style. Many women claim that yellow dresses do not benefit them. If you are used to wearing black, brown and white, you probably feel exactly the same. However, from time to time, it is recommended that you dare to make a small change in your clothing style. For sure a tremendous sun dress 2022.
Yellow dresses can be worn even if you initially feel that you will look strange. If you really want to bring a change to your clothing style, and keep up with fashion trends, it is enough to know a few small yellow-midi-dress-with-lace-style tricks that will help you shine and attract compliments. they wear a yellow dress, regardless of the season. Hurry, summer is coming to an end and now is the ideal time to wear yellow dresses!
Yellow is associated with happiness and optimism, and this is one of the reasons why you should wear yellow dresses! In addition, a yellow dress will always stand out at any event, so you will not go unnoticed and you will receive many compliments. All that matters is to choose a yellow dress model that will benefit you and highlight your qualities, and to accessorize it according to the effects you want to achieve by wearing the yellow dress. In addition, there are a lot of shades and pastel shades of yellow to act, so you can look very elegant in a yellow dress in pastel tones, without worrying that you will draw too much attention to yourself. In addition, the yellow tones match perfectly with the seasonal bronze, drawing attention to your skin; also, yellow dresses are precious by definition, and draw attention to you without the need for too many accessories to complete them.
The yellow dress fits discreetly on your shapes, highlighting your silhouette, and the lace in the bust area enhances its charming look and gives it a very feminine look. In combination with accessories in shades of brown and gold, the yellow dress turns into an outfit that will attract all eyes on any special occasion you choose to wear.

Summer Dresses 2022
Summer Dresses 2022

Shirt dress – The shirt dress seems to have irretrievably conquered the fashion world as a favorite piece of clothing by more and more celebrities.
Until recently, however, it was seen as a simple boyfriend shirt, perfect for privacy between four walls and not exactly ideal for public display. The trend has changed so much that more and more designers have started flirting with the idea of ​​a shirt dress as a chic, versatile, elegant and feminine item of clothing!
The oversized, straight and comfortable cut, with a modern and cool look, or the marked cut at the waist, with a wide, feminine and somewhat retro skirt, are just two of the shapes that the shirt dress can wear. It will not be easy to decide for a single model, but it is certain that you must have at least one such dress in your wardrobe. If you haven’t paid much attention to it before, it’s time to discover some benefits that you will hardly be able to ignore from now on…

5 reasons why you should not miss your wardrobe this summer:

1. They are comfortable and practical dresses – the sleeves can be short or long, easy to roll and adjust in length, as well as the depth of the neckline, easy to control from the buttons. They can be worn both with sandals and with ballerinas, converses, platforms or any other favorite footwear.
2. Gives a feminine and elegant look – especially because the top brings a lot with a shirt, sleeves and collar contribute to the professional note of the outfit, making it suitable even for going to the office.
3. Can successfully replace outfits consisting of pants and blouse – especially on hot summer days, a light and versatile dress that borrows from the features of a shirt can be an effective choice for the type of outfit you want to outline.
4. Represents a true stylistic hybrid – strange as this term may seem, the shirt dress offers, precisely through this hybrid aspect, many styling alternatives. Imagine that you can even wear it over a pair of cigarette pants, with open legs and buttons closed only between the neckline and waist.
5. Do not impose a matching matrix – a classic rule says that what you wear at the top must match what you wear below the waist, but the shirt dress easily goes beyond this rule. It can be accessorized however you want and combined with any pair of shoes you have in the house!
One of the most unique combinations has already been suggested. If a pair of long pants with a wide-sleeved shirt dress is not exactly to your taste, you can combine it with a pair of very short jeans. Equally unique, however, will be the following elections:

Denim shirt dress – most shirt dresses are made of cotton, just to be light and cool, good to wear even on hot days. Even so, it may not be too difficult to find the perfect shirt dress, made of a thin and cooler denim than you would have expected. Espadrilles sandals or any low-heeled shoes will perfectly compliment such a denim outfit.

Shirt dress with bare shoulder – the wide cut should allow you to follow the trend of bare shoulders, a trend as hot as possible in the summer season.

Dress the shirt worn upside down – if the bare shoulder seems a fairly common image, you can go even further by wearing the dress with your back to the front and exposing your back more. Leave the collar on one shoulder, unbutton several buttons, and don’t forget to emphasize the waist with a belt or scarf.

Long shirt dress – most models reproduce a pattern either very short, or up to mid-thigh or slightly below the knee. But there are also maxi shirt dresses, long to the ground, straight or flared, only good for a relaxed outfit. Again, they can also benefit from applying a waist accessory, but nothing is mandatory.

Summer Dresses 2022
Summer Dresses 2022
Summer Dresses 2022

-Dashiki dress – The dashiki is a colorful traditional fabric shirt from the Yoruba people. This type of garment is unisex. That is, it can be worn by both men and women. It is a colored cotton fabric, which has geometric patterns. Chic, stylish, this garment is worn day and night.

Benefits of wearing the dashiki:It is simple and easy to wear.

💕 It is suitable for both men and women.

💕 Rich in color.

💕 It is worn in everyday life, as for special occasions.

💕 It is an identity garment, the pride of the black people.

Summer Dresses 2022
Summer Dresses 2022
Summer Dresses 2022

Sleeveless dress – Even if it is very practical to go to the office without taking the head, thanks to a zipper positioned on the back or on the side, know that it has seduced for decades for its side at the same time chic, simple and retro.
Of course, there is a multitude of sleeveless dresses, but we will focus on the sleeveless dress slightly close to the body and in a knee length. Often worn by women in the office, it appeals to working girls because it has the distinction of adapting to all shapes while ensuring an elegant and versatile look, especially if it is chosen in a solid color. The most commonly used materials are silk or cotton, but do not hesitate to choose it with a certain percentage of elastane. This technical addition will also highlight your figure. If comfort is also a priority for you, check that the dress has an opaque lining. The lining is useful in any season: in winter, the lining brings warmth and softness, in summer, with a lighter lining, of course, we avoid the slightly annoying transparent effect in this type of dress. The choice of a dress with a zipper in the back will also accentuate this comfort effect, details to check during your purchase. If you dare for a hot summer dresses 2022, sleeveless dress is for sure an option.

Summer Dresses 2022
Summer Dresses 2022
Summer Dresses 2022

Striped Skater Dress – What could be fresher and more summery than a pretty little sailor dress? A true invitation to stroll along a port during the holidays, the striped dress is nonetheless a trendy and essential outfit in our dressings. Years after years, the striped sweater stands out on street looks as a timeless timeless.
And not ladies, the striped dress is not reserved for walks on the beach or for the pretty round bellies of pregnant women.
This dress which is worn from mid-season is more like a casual dress but it is also very chic if you choose it well. There are very elegant city sailor dresses. The sailor shirt owes its success to the fashion designer Coco Chanel, who made it a modern and chic feminine piece.
The striped dress is suitable for all silhouettes.
To find the sailor dress suitable for your own morphology, just choose the suitable cut and find the stripes that will suit you best.
The striped top is perfect for petite women since they will give an impression of grandeur.
For women with curves, it will be necessary to choose a large striped dress type trapeze or flared or even straight. Look at our article on clothes to wear according to your body type to help you choose a suitable model.
Don’t think that your striped dress is reserved for your vacation outfits. It is also worn in the city for a contemporary and casual look. In a long striped dress version for a trendy look or short dress and heel for a dressy look.
Perfect for a casual outfit, the striped dress is the little dress you want to put on to go to the market. In summer, opt for cotton models with a straight cut or in a T-shirt dress for a perfect casual style. All striped skater dresses could be a stunning option for your wishes regarding preferences of summer dresses 2022.

Summer Dresses 2022
Summer Dresses 2022
Summer Dresses 2022

Dresses for a garden party– It relies on silky, fluid, ethereal materials and on a dose it is precious. But don’t take yourself too far. We are not talking about a ceremonial outfit! You can choose lace dresses, floral embroidery, transparent veils, spectacular volumes, pleated dresses, but you can counteract with comfortable cuts, specific to day outfits, for example. And one more thing: never mini, just midi or maxi! Here’s what to wear to a garden party when it comes to dresses.

Garden parties are so popular these days and with spring on the way, it’s time to get your garden organized. Garden parties can be held in any part of the house or outdoors. The main thing is that guests will enjoy themselves and remember you for all eternity!
The first step when choosing a dress for a garden party is to consider what type of event this is. Is it an informal gathering or something more formal? Will there be children present? If so, then do you want them dressed up, or just looking smart? Or perhaps you’re having a special occasion such as an anniversary, birthday or wedding celebration? All these questions need answering before deciding which dress to wear.
When choosing a dress for a garden party, it’s best to plan ahead by seeing how much notice you have given to your hostess. Sometimes she may already have sent out invitations and if this is the case you should follow her lead. It would also help if you knew who else was attending, but don’t worry if you haven’t been invited, because we’ll explain some easy ways around that problem later.
Once you’ve determined what kind of dress you wish to wear, it’s time to decide where to buy one. There are many places online and offline where you can find beautiful dresses at great prices. You could even visit a bridal store, look through their catalogue and order from them. Another good idea is to search for a bargain by visiting estate sales, car boot sales or charity shops. They usually sell well-seasoned clothes at rock bottom prices. Many people turn up to these events without enough money for new clothing and they end up getting a bargain by buying used.
If you’re not keen on shopping for bargains, try looking online. There are lots of sites selling second hand clothes at very reasonable prices. You’d be surprised at how little you pay for designer labels. eBay is another place to check out. However, be careful about ordering online. Make sure you contact the seller first to confirm postage costs. Also ask about returns and refunds, if anything goes wrong with the dress. A quick web search will tell you if anyone has had problems with orders placed online.
Now we come to the most important question – What color dress should you choose? First off, make sure you know your skin tone, hair and eye colors. This will allow you to narrow down your choice considerably. For example, if you are fair haired and blue eyed, you probably won’t go for a red dress, whereas someone dark haired and green eyed might well love one.
You must also keep in mind whether the dress needs to coordinate with other items of clothing you own. Perhaps you need a matching top for summertime and shorts for wintertime. Whatever the season, you can always combine two different tones to create harmony.
A rule of thumb is to stick to neutral colors. These include white, cream, black, grey, browns and taupe. Try to avoid bright colors like yellow, orange, pink, purple, turquoise etc. They tend to make you appear washed out and can detract attention away from you.
One final tip for choosing a dress is to take along a friend or relative to give their opinion. Ask them what they think of the style and fabric. If possible, take a test run wearing the dress yourself. That way you’ll know exactly how comfortable it feels, and if it looks nice too.
There are plenty of gorgeous dresses available today, so why not treat yourself to something new this year? Just remember to match accessories carefully.

Summer Dresses 2022
Summer Dresses 2022

Summer Red Dress – Red is the most common shade, immediately after black, so popular that besides the famous Little Black Dress, there is Little Red Dress. The expression comes from the famous designer Coco Chanel who wanted to create an affordable, chic and versatile dress in 1920, which women could wear in style. Similar to the black dress, the red dress can be transformed into different outfits for different occasions. Because it instantly transforms our presence into a feminine one and is a color full of vitality, the red dress is a must-have in any wardrobe. So, red dress can be matched with shoes and clutch in metallic shades (gold and silver) if you want to fit into a festive evening atmosphere. If the festivity is one held in broad daylight, in the warm season, a unique combination is red and white. The red dress and the white shoes are not suitable even in a scenario with unfriendly temperatures, so if you have a pair of white shoes in the dressing room that you don’t know how to match, here you have found a unique combination with one of those red dresses that got bored of black.
The red dress goes great with complementary shades (cyclamen red, burgundy red, dark red, shades of orange, peach, red as red), you just have to find the perfect shade for your skin, with prints (starting but not limited to this kind of print) and even in the same shade of red as the dress.

Summer Dresses 2022
Summer Dresses 2022

For an exceptional look, during the summer, a steamy dress is always the right choice. Of course, not every dress will fit you, but that model that was created as if it were specially designed for your body. Even if each woman has her charm, when the dress is not responsible, to highlight the beautiful features of the figure, the others could be more reserved in compliments.

Can you imagine what a summer vacation would look like without the presence of those steamy, diaphanous dresses? To prevent this from happening, we invite you to discover some ways in which you can highlight your beautiful features with the right dress, depending on a number of aspects.

Here are the outfits that will benefit you the most:

Do you have a silhouette for? Which dresses are best for you?

It’s about the narrow silhouette at the top and the voluptuous waist to the bottom. It is a feminine and sensual constitution. If you want to highlight your attractive curves, we recommend those dresses that have the line with waves in the waves. To give the feeling of a fuller bust, opt for those with a boat-like neckline.

In no case do you choose a bulky model, with folds or ruffles, because it will make the hips look much larger than they are. It is best for the coffins to start from the waist and not from the thighs for a special effect.

Do you have an athletic figure? We offer you some great dress ideas!

If you have an athletic constitution and the shapes are not well defined, you can achieve a harmony with the right dress. The renowned Cameron Diaz has been endowed with the same shapes and manages to highlight her beauty in an exceptional way with dresses that have lace, ruffles or bows in the bust area. Any toned and harmonious body can stand out with the help of a correctly chosen belt and in combination with any dress mentioned.
Always stay away from any typhoon or anything similar. Never opt for a round-neck or mulch dress, because it will give you the feeling of a small bust.

Do you have an apple silhouette?

A body with more prominent forms at the top, appetizing bust and thin legs is the best advantage of a dress with a full waist and mini length. This way the legs will be highlighted, without giving the feeling of increasing the bust. A simple, vertical model is ideal for you. It is essential to avoid any dress that is worn on the abdomen and waist. This will create this proportionality between the hips and bust.

Do you have full shapes?

For a slimming effect and highlighting in a feminine way the voluptuous curves and the generous bust, choose a baby-doll dress, the A-cut, one with a light skirt, that fall in waves or a dress with wide straps, fastened on the bust. High waisted skirts and vertical print will make you shine like Amber Riley, who adopts this type of outfit.

In no case do not choose a dress from spandex or lace, especially when it comes to a model molded on the body.

Our advice is to consider all these aspects when looking for the ideal dress for this summer. Of course, you will not limit yourself to a single article, so be sure to always choose the models that will benefit you, emphasizing your beautiful features.

It is very important to have harmony between colors. You can choose the right contrast between the dress, the hair and the eyes. You should always keep this in mind, regardless of the type of dress you want to buy.

No matter your style, important is to feel good, cherish yourself and be creative.

How to wear the summer dress at the office?

Capable of high performance in style, the summer dress, awarded by the summer collections, upgrades its bohemian and dapper qualifications to aspire to the basic work wear post of back to school.
Just as effective as its sister, the severe little black dress, the summer dress has distinguished itself by its extreme lightness of style: airy texture, vaporous allure, and ostensibly frivolous nature which make it, here, more apt to skim the edges of beach than the over-conditioned space of open space… However, it is also provided with a strong work wear potential, when well accessorized.
It is like the beautiful season. Its colors are enthusiastic, it is of ultimate lightness, and dares the most original designs. The summer dress alone is the flagship element that brightens up an outfit. And precisely, for this reason (and despite the prior), it is the ideal room to accompany you to the office. It is enough to accessorize it well and to respect certain basic dress codes to exploit the potential of your summer dress in any season.
If the summer dress is allowed in the office in hot weather, it does not mean that it raises with it, all other dress restrictions. Maintain a certain stylistic standing, avoiding any interactivity with its beach acolytes like the boater hat, and of course, the infrequent pair of flip flops.

And, to lend credibility to the professional aspect, avoid very short summer dresses: a midi length is just as adequate for flirting with high temperatures. Only, if you want to wear your favorite mini dress, dress it with a fluid overcoat that immediately brings a more chic effect.

How to accessorize a summer dress

We must admit that in summer we focus on accessorizing our outfit less than the cold season, due to the very high temperatures that take us by storm. If in the cold season we think almost forever of all functional or decorative accessories (jacket, shoes, bag , scarf, gloves, etc.), in summer the enthusiasm seems to decrease more and more, because a very busy summer outfit will not only not look good, but there is a risk that we will feel extremely uncomfortable.
However, accessories can play an extremely important role regardless of the season, and can turn a commonplace appearance into an excellent and full of good taste. So, today we will show you how to balance an outfit, with the help of summer dresses and of the right accessories.
Accessorizing can be difficult. It’s hard to find that perfect accessory that adds to your look, but doesn’t overwhelm it at the same time. When you start adding jewelry, shoes and handbags to the equation, you can start to feel the pressure. Accessorizing is not a science, but there are certain directions you can keep in mind to make it easier for you.
Accessorizing depending on the color of the dress. This is one of the easiest ways to accessorize. Color is one of the most important aspects of your dress and, if you choose accessories that are colored similarly to your dress, it will make your clothes look balanced and complete. If you are wearing a light pink dress, choose pink or red accessories. The fit does not have to be exact, for example you can still wear darker pink shoes with a light pink dress.
Accessorizing according to the details on the dress material. Instead of matching your accessories with the overall color of the dress, match them with a secondary color in your dress. This works very well with fashionable dresses, because there is more than one color to choose from. If you are wearing a white dress with pink and blue flowers, choose pink or blue accessories. This is a great way to accessorize your dress in a more nuanced way.
Wear neutral accessories with a brightly colored dress. If your dress is an intense color, such as bright yellow, neutral colors are perfect to accessorize it. If you match the accessories according to the color of the dress, you will look rather eccentric. White, black, bronze and brown are neutral colors that look good with almost any color. If you prefer shiny accessories, you can try gold or silver jewelry.
Wear subtle or one-color accessories with a patterned dress. An impeccable dress already has a lot to do with it. If the temptation is to choose complicated accessories as a design, the look may be too busy. Shoes, envelopes, belts and / or jewelry must all be colored. These accessories will help you have a statement outfit. Try bright red pumps with a blue dress. If your dress has a floral pattern on it, a pair of simple earrings on the earlobe would look the most beautiful. Complete the outfit with a pair of black ballet flats.
Wear a bold accessory with a neutral dress. If your dress has a neutral color like white, beige or bronze, adding an out-of-the-ordinary accessory will enhance the beauty of the outfit. Whether it’s a necklace, a handbag or shoes, try to choose one of these accessories to be a bright color. If your dress has a solid color, try wearing a handbag or shoes. For example, you can wear a polka dot envelope when wearing a white dress.
Match the jewelry to the tone of the dress. Every heart has a tone. Red, orange and yellow all have a warm tone. Similarly, gold has a warm tone, while silver has a cold tone. Don’t be afraid to experiment, gold can look pretty good on green. White and black are considered neutral tones, so you can wear gold or silver jewelry with them. Brown and bronze come in warm and cool tones. Here you have to match the jewelry with subtlety.
Wear a necklace with a V-neck or U-shaped dress. These types of necklines are perfect for wearing a necklace. Try to choose a necklace that is above the neckline of the dress. You can choose a hanging necklace, simple, or one with a more elaborate style. If you like the look of a certain necklace, but it is too long, simply change the chain and put a shorter one. Some necklaces come with adjustable chains. This is great because you can wear them with many types of dresses.Balance the look of a dress with a bare shoulder and a bracelet.

Wear earrings with strapless dresses. Strapless dresses will highlight your arms and shoulders. Wearing a necklace with such a dress will not allow the dress to shine. Instead, try wearing a pair of earrings. Simple earrings, on the lobe, give the outfit a classic and sophisticated look. Long earrings will make your face stand out and are perfect for extremely elegant outfits.
Wear the right shoes. It might sound like advice your mom would give you, but it also applies in fashion! Make sure the shoes match the type of clothing. If you are wearing a dress because a formal event is coming, wear heels, etc.
Make sure the jewelry is of adequate quality. If you wear a cocktail dress and heels, do not wear rubber bracelets or low quality jewelry. Also, if you wear an ordinary dress for a lunch with friends, do not wear a diamond necklace. These are extreme examples, but you need to make sure that your accessories fit the occasion.
Choose the right bag. The bag you choose must compliment your dress, but also be suitable for the event. If you are going to a formal event, do not take a large or bulky bag with you. Take an envelope bag. You will never fail with a small black leather bag. It is versatile and goes with almost any type of dress and event.
Sometimes less means more. If you are wearing an elegant dress, do not try to wear too many accessories. Accessories could detract from the elegance of the dress. Do not wear layered or chipped jewelry. Instead, wear one or two simple pieces. Be careful with accessories such as hats or scarves, wear them only if they add elegance to the look.
If you wear multiple jewelry try to wear all silver jewelry, or all gold.

How to wear summer dress

Steamy and light, the long dress is comfortable to wear and resolutely stylish when temperatures rise. There are many models because the long dress is very fashionable. You can easily adopt all styles with this strong piece which also comes in various patterns and colors. Wallet dress, shirt dress, thin straps, ruffled sleeves, plain, printed, graphic, flashy… it’s almost impossible to choose, we’d like them all!
She can choose pink for romantics, black to be chic, red to be glamorous, khaki to be rebellious, or jeans to be casual and feminine… Let’s not forget the bohemian prints, the peas that are back in force this season and of course white!

Lengths and cuts of long dress alternate to fill all morphology: length to the feet or ankles, cut 7 / 8th, cut midi…

Choose the long dress according to its morphology

For a perfect look, it is highly recommended to choose her long dress based on her figure.

The long summer dress for little women – The long slit dress is great for little women. It helps to aerate the silhouette and avoid cramming it. And she is also ultra feminine and trendy!

To streamline the look and keep that long dress’s “size” effect, consider putting on heels! Square heels, wedge sneakers or open boots are trendy and make you feel comfortable all day long.

The long summer dress for 8 and X morphology – The long dress gives the look of a Greek goddess to women with an hourglass morphology! You’re lucky to have the size marked, so enjoy it as much. Gently emphasize your waist with a pretty belt tailored to the style of the dress of course! Long dresses with straight, empire or fitted shapes are ideal for X or 8 morphology.

The long summer dress for slim women – You can afford everything, all the patterns and colors will go great! But to add volume to your slim figure, long dresses with horizontal patterns and stripes are perfect. To be on top of fashion, think of floral, polka dot and tie and dye patterns, which are all the rage this summer to make sure you’re resolutely stylish.

The long summer dress for plump women – Of course, you can wear any long dresses you like! But if you have a few complexes, opt for dark colors and long solid dresses to slim your figure. Pay attention to patterns and dresses that are too tight if you want to hide your small flaws. A long dress with vertical stripes will be perfect for women who are uncomfortable with their shapes. As an optical effect, this dress model also has the power to lengthen your legs, enjoy it!

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