Summer is without a doubt the most awaited season of the year. This is natural given that most people choose to go on holiday in the summer, some in the mountains, but most will go to sea. If you intend to go on vacation at sea this year, you obviously start from the idea that you want to sit on the beach, not to parade on a fashion catwalk, so you will not need who knows what accessories. You will have to prepare in your luggage that you will take with you, a few pairs of swimsuits, body care products, and of course summer beach dresses. An irregularly shaped beach dress should help you feel as comfortable as possible when going to the beach, or in the evening when going out with your partner to a terrace for dining. Such a beach dress, for sure, will be light, practical and will help you feel great in your skin. It will be easy for you to quickly take your dress off when you get to the beach, as easy as it will be to get dressed, when you go to the hotel, from the beach, or in the evening when you go out to dinner.

If you have planned your leave somewhere at sea, you start in your plans of going there for the beach and not scrolling on a fashionable podium, so you can leave in the hotel room the huge and colorful earrings, the cocktail rings, the noisy bracelets. , statement necklaces, and total makeup. You will remember them later in the evening, but that does not mean that the lightness of a holiday context should make you forget to be feminine and flirty. And during the holidays we have to take good habits with us, take care of our skin, body, hair, silhouette and have prepared some outfits for any holiday situation: the beautiful beach dresses!

Get out of the pattern, reinvent yourself, take out the classic pareo but also the t-shirts with ads and messages that do not represent you and after you have prepared your swimsuits, think that there is activity outside the beach – and then how do you dress? Maybe the beach is not very close to the hotel, maybe you want to go somewhere for lunch and you do not have time to change and surely you want to walk or go somewhere in the evening …

The holiday means relaxation, you do not need to make a good impression, you just need nice, comfortable clothes that will make you feel good and enjoy the place where you are. You need vacation, practical, light and cool outfits that will bless you and make you feel great in your skin. You need to be able to quickly get rid of your clothes when you want to get in the water, but also to dress lightly, even over a still wet swimsuit, if you want to leave the beach. You need clothes that can play a double role: day and evening, especially if you are a fan of light luggage. This strategy will leave more room for the accessories needed for a holiday look: belts, staples, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, scarves, kimonos.

The most practical and chic variant: summer beach dresses 2021.

This year the maxi dress, with a light tailoring, is on the list of must-have pieces like beach dresses, it is the best option for the seaside holiday especially when you take a break from sunbathing and head to the terraces. Forget about the t-shirt, the shirt dress, the mini dress with straps and fringes, or the sports dress, with a polo collar and short sleeves and rely on the bohemian, hippie, lightweight versions, with an ultra-simple yet refined tailoring that can makes it easy to go from the sandy beach to the cubic stone of the streets with local restaurants, and only a few accessories are needed.

You can choose a long white beach dress from embroidered viscose or a long beach dress with straps and geometric pattern. A flowery maxi beach dress is an ageless model that looks great when you know how to wear it and accessorize it correctly. Leave the dress as big as possible and, if the platform sandals lift the visible hem from the ground, opt for flat sandals. Grab your hair in a rebellious cocoon at the top of your head or, conversely, wear your hair in hippie style, with flowers or decorative straps.

Dresses designed to cover your swimwear on your beach walks should reflect the well being and relaxation offered by the holiday. This is the reason why white and generally light, pastel colors predominate with regard to them.

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