Summer 2014 Trends T Shirt

The summer of 2014 promises to be very interesting in terms of fashionistas. This season allows the girls to put aside any loose and large clothing and to feel comfortable and natural in clothes as … sketchy. T shirt is undoubtedly the main part of your wardrobe for summer, along with jeans of course.

Very…short history of T shirt
Although it seems one of the most mundane things in wardrobe, the shirt has an absolutely fascinating history and evolution . In fact, the shirts appear around the 19th century in the USA Brand ” Fruit of the Loom ” , founded in 1853 , created for the U.S. Navy since 1913 , such a product of cotton underwear , designed to clothe soldiers . The First World War soldiers on the front sky lighter than wool fabrics that dry hard in the trenches cold and damp , so that they are dressed in lingerie similar to the Navy.
Gabriel Coco Chanel transforms from object underwear shirt in one of leisure , appearing in the 30s on the French Riviera , wearing a long-sleeved shirt .
Shirt makes its appearance in the film , Charlie Chaplin’s movies since 1936.
The interwar period consecrates standard uniform shirt as a worker with overalls, so that the brand Hanes produce the first series of shirts with short sleeves at 24 cents a piece.

T shirt is a piece of outfit extremely handy and still kept its charm and power, where it is used to create an image inspires relaxed, natural and also very chic.

Another advantage of T-shirts (besides the fact that they are extremely versatile) is that many models are extremely hard to be influenced by trends, at most it adds other model you can hardly able to say that a t shirt of your closet not is fashionable anymore.

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