Style rules that makes you look taller

You’re not the tallest person in your circle, so that’s the problem? Even girls which are not very tall can look sensational whether if they respect some small style tips. In addition you have to know a secret if you are not very tall you can use this to your advantage because many men prefer this type of woman.

dress 2014-2015

Here are a few style rules that if you can respect you look taller:

* Wear confidently long dresses, it will make you look thinner and taller obviously.
long dress

* Avoid bags and large purses.
small bag 2014-2015

* Wear only thin belts.
thin belts

* Wear platform and heels.
heels 2014-2015

* Make friend with high-waisted jeans combined with short tops.
high waisted jeans

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