A wedding is a very important moment, especially for a girl. So, if we talk about your girlfriend’s wedding and you’re a bridesmaid, it’s important to give the right importance.
If before the wedding you were advised about the organization, her bridal gown and bachelor party, the ceremony itself implied a new set of responsibilities.

First of all, you have to keep in mind that your main role is to support and help the bride, who will be quite stressed and nervous on the big event day. You will have to be with her throughout the day, assisting her and resolving any unexpected situation that may arise in organizing the wedding. Among the things you should not miss in the purse are: needle and white thread (or any other color with the bride dress), and a lipstick.

It is very important to be punctual – make sure you are ready for the bride to help her when she dresses her bridal dress.

If the bride had a word to say just about the color of the bridesmaids dresses, each of you will have to choose the right pattern.

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If we are talking about a fabulous event, in a pretentious location, a long evening vapor dress will be ideal for you.

Avoid dressing too short or too loose dress, it will be an inappropriate choice for your role at the wedding, because nothing should eclipse the bride. It’s time to be in the spotlight.

The pattern you choose should be as simple and delicate as possible, from a diaphanous material such as a silk veil, because you will have more freedom of movement throughout the day.

It would be better to access the jewelry dress as fine and light as you do not want a heavily loaded or a pair of heavy earrings to make you uncomfortable throughout the day.

Shoes are very important – there is no need to tell you that you need a pair of comfortable sandals to be sure you will be able to withstand many hours of agitation and dance. If you want a pair of high or high cut heels in front, consider a second pair of lower heel shoes that you will definitely call at one time.

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