Kate Moss, Keira Knightley or Cara Delevingne, these celebs are all small of bust but have plenty of style. If you are like them and you have flat-chested or small busted there’s no need to feel self-conscious. You just need proper style tips and you can transform this aspect of your body into a real weapon.
So if you have a small bust you should not feel less feminine. There are many ways of dressing so that you get a sexy neckline, just to respect some style rules.

Well, here are some issues strictly related to the physical appearance of your body:

* Take care of your body: eating healthy, exercising and make sure you have a normal body mass index.
* Exercises, exercises – chest muscles are those that support the breasts. The exercises focus on these muscles will help strengthen your breasts and keep them a firm.
* Posture – stand straight and hold a correct position again.

beautiful maxi dress for small breasts women

So, now here is some style rules:
The bra is sexy: wear blouses in which to see the bra. Wear push-up bra helps obviously. Men are always attracted to sexy lingerie. For example, wear a bra with a contrasting color, let a dress strap falling carelessly over his shoulder and let a few buttons of her blouse open to show her bra.
– Accentuate your waist – or with a tight-waist dress or a thicker belt.
– Highlights your legs, moreover if they are long.
Accessories, you have no restrictions. You come as well so statement necklaces, and the very fine, but keep in mind that a wide belt that emphasizes your waist will be and the better your bust look bigger. What you can do is to draw attention to other parts of your body, wearing such a dress backless or sleeveless and choose clothing items that contribute to “increase volume” of your bust blouses with pockets at chest or more applications neck tops, bulky sweaters, pants flared, scarves overlays.

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