Stakes on bags 2013-2014

As the major international fashion retailers occupied the markets from North America and Europe by opening new stores, the accessories caught a big slice too.

The bag is a defining accessory for a lady because it represents a central element of a women’s look.

Generally, when it comes about a women’s bag, it appears a sudden sense of property and a special attachment towards its functionality and charm of such special pieces of women’s outfit.

Bags are a very special accessory where you keep your everyday beauty products, your little secrets, a book or an audio book, your mobile or perfume.

When it comes to luxury bags, the number of clients remained constant even during the economic crisis. The explanation it’s logical: now buyers see premium brands and luxury brands as an investment.

A lot of clients which preferred to have a lot of bags of a few hundreds of euros a piece are investing now in only one at 1000 euros, which can be sold over the years at almost the same price.

A bag speaks a lot about you and your personality because a bag which fits you will add a new glow to your look. It will make you feel better, more confident on yourself, even prettier.

Your bag represents the accessory without an outfit can’t be complete, it defines the outfit of every women. Think about how many times happened to go to the office or shopping without make-up or favorite ring or necklace. But you never left without a bag. Why?

Well, because it represents our little feminine Universe, because it was love at first sight when we say it in the storefront…

The bag is a precious clue to a women’s personality and can reveal a lot about you, more than you can do it yourselves.

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