Spring of 2013 Latest trends…

Great designers have presented collections at Fashion Week in New York, Paris, Milan, Madrid or London. This is actually a barometer for trends spring 2013 season.¬† I always said that fashion is validated by street fashion as experts say, an example being UGG boots not very accepted by all, but extremely popular on all continents so that we do not want to accept if you see someone wearing something like this we can not say that it’s not in trend.

As general directions great designers opted  for spring 2013 that we have bold and pastel colors such as green, turquoise, electric pink and yellow (proposed by Chanel and Vuitton). Some of the most important fashion trends that will govern in spring 2013 are stripes, squares or other shapes that will come to mind. Who says that? Tommy Hilfiger, Paul Smith, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton and Givenchy.

photo source: style.com

Shorts leather or fabric are great looking, they actually represented for many designers point where they started in presentations for this spring. They were matched with stripes, vertical or horizontal, floral vivid colors and even office outfit. And this also include Bermuda shorts.

photo source: style.com


More and more on fashion catwalks suits for women is ever present. Suits power as it is called this phenomenon comes more and more. This spring is very much below this trend. Clearly mention the increasingly fashionable woman bent by powerful, elegant business a real business sexy shark.

photo source: style.com

As I said above catwalks of Milan, New York or Rome give start and sometimes initiates strong trends. As our loyal readers well know, my opinion is that fashion is actually on the street. If the colors, cut, or the kind of pants or dress shown on the catwalk catch then yes, it is a clear trend, imposed everywhere. But whatever be the case, especially if you are passionate about fashion you can not follow what happens there next year and the trends that creators are trying to impose. Sometimes successfully sometimes remains at the stage of trial.

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