Spring is coming ladies -What about some new shoes?

It is said that Marie Antoinette had around 500 pairs of shoes and because of that she had to have a servant who was in charge with her entire footwear. Imagine a shoe store just for you! That is what she must have felt every morning when she had to decide which one to wear that day… Yes… we girls all love shoes… You can lie to yourself and pretend you buy your shoes only because you need them, but if you count them you will see what I’m talking about.

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They are never too many!I bet there is a dress in your wardrobe right now crying for a perfect pair of shoes which you don’t have yet. I believe I wasn’t a shoe lover until I counted mine too, trust me…Why do we love shoes so much?… Well does it really matter? It’s like you’ll ask why do we like jeweleries, make-up, pretty clothes ans so on.

This spring we are all lucky, fashion, designers prepared for 2013 spring/summer season models for every taste: basic trends are back in business, shoes with male influence, medium heels or even small ones, plus like it or not, pointed toes are back.

Speaking about colors, you again don’t need to worry because there is room for everyone: strong colors like turquoises, orange, green, neon’s, metallic like silver and gold for the bold ones, but also pastel or neutral colors for the more conservative persons. All bright, happy colors are welcomed, such as: pink, blue, yellow, coral, mint. Also all models which combine two colors are in trends, especially if we are talking about black and white.

Another good news is about patterns: the floral ones are perfect for this spring and combined with some dresses, skirts or blouses having a matching design will give you freshness, naturalness and femininity, but don’t forget geometrical patterns, they can make a quite interesting impression. Also, mixed materials and prints will put you in the front line of fashion trends, this combination is like the color blocking we spoke before, but using different textures instead of colors. You must be very careful when using this type of shoes because they are very demanding with the rest of your outfit: clothes and accessories must be well chose not to overcrowd it.

If you want to be in everyone attention you have to try some models with laces and buckles or some crazy wedge sneakers. Those sneakers have heels hidden inside and are ultra hot in 2013 spring season, but you have to be really bold and sure of your outfit to try them because you can easily go wrong, they are not for newbies in fashion.

Cap toes on flats or pumps are also in trends , so you might give them a try too if you are in the mood.

To understand better what the fashion designers proposed when coming to shoes for spring/summer 2013, I’ll make a list for you with the top fashion houses and their choices:

1. Giorgio Armani and Philip Lim considered the Oxford shoes interesting enough for their latest collections. They can be worn with long elegant pants or with folded up skirts.

2. Luis Vuitton, D&G and Versace are responsible for the returning of the pointed toes, which I personally dislike not necessarily for they look but for how uncomfortable they are.

3. Valentino and Donna Karan believe in transparent shoes, no matter if we speak about transparent heels or other parts of the shoe or about the shoe entirely. This model of shoe can be elegant and has to be matched with the right outfit.

4. Coming back to Armani and Moschino this time, they promote shoes in metallic colors from stiletto to platform shoes. Also a tricky pair of shoes which inquires more attention to the rest of the outfit.

5. Tom Ford and Alexander Wang prefer sling shoes like the gladiator ones but with high heels. These are also harder to wear than the classic shoes, but not impossible: some simple easy dresses will be perfect for a bold and nonconformist look.

6. Speaking about nonconformism, I must tell you about Fendi and Rodarte which can dynamite your outfit with some weird architectural shoes.

7. Gucci and Kenzo are using reptile pattern shoes for their spring collections since they are bringing a plus of elegance and fresh air.

8. Since we are speaking about elegance and fresh air, kitten heels shoes are Michael Kors Isabel Marant choice for this season. They look so cute and they are so comfortable too!

9. Also a comfortable choice are platform shoes designed so creative and youthful by Dolce Gabanna and Emilio Pucci.

11. Continuing about heels, Givenchy, Guy Laroche, and Cavalli bet on crazy heel shoes and made a quite of impression.

Well, that’s about it for now, I’m going shopping!

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