Spring Fragrances for Men 2015

It’s spring already and gentlemen’s also want to smell good and be in trends, as ladies do. Therefore today I will tell you about a personal top 5 fresh perfumes perfect for this spring.

I’ve said it before, for men is equally important as for women to be well dressed and to smell good.

At a first sight, men could have two options: after-shave and fragrance. Well, this couldn’t be more wrong : the after shave should have no smell his principal role is to calm down the skin after shaving and only if the skin isn’t too sensitive to smell like a perfume. So, fragrances are an awesome element for men.

There are men who first buy their clothes, accessories, perfumes and only after that they make their budget for food. Well yes, I also consider this to be a little extreme, but important is to keep in mind how crucial it is for a decent outfit, in trends, to be refined by a quality cologne. In fact, it’s just a matter of priorities, or whether or not you’re a fan perfumes. Fragrance for both women and men is normal and necessary. The important thing is to choose a fragrance to underline your personality.

It’s very different and by all means not indicated to jump on conclusions. I didn’t mean it anyway, the only thing I wanted is to present to you a top 5 personal fresh perfumes for gentlemen.

Having in mind the outside weather , it’s mostly indicated to wear a fresh cologne. These are men who choose to wear the fresh ones when going to work no matter the season, no matter if it’s warm or cold outside. Generally speaking , fresh perfumes for gentlemen include the sport one, aquatic and also aromatic one.

Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford for Men

Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford for Men

The main note of this amazing fragrance is woody combined with citrus and spices.
Grey Vetiver is an exceptional perfume (like all Tom Ford’s fragrances), perfect for a strong man, adept of a luxuriant life.

Gucci Guilty pour Homme by Gucci

Gucci Guilty pour Homme by Gucci

Guilty pour Homme is a mysterious, elegant and sensual perfume. The main notes are of Lavender, Lemon and a little Cedar. The result is an irresistible fragrance, perfect for this spring.

Terre D’Hermes by Hermes for Men

Terre D’Hermes by Hermes for Men

With strong citric notes, cedar, fresh spicy and pepper, D’Hermes is no doubt a very elegant and sophisticated perfume.
The bottle is a classic one, it is elegant and looks nice and clean. No doubt that the display is very interesting and the cap is quite revolutionary because of its rotation system you have to use when you want to spritz.

CK Free

This fragrance it’s cold, yes, very cold, incredibly cold, like ice actually. His starting note it’s absolutely colossal , freezing like ice. This perfume is a strong masculine one and with the time is swifts to coffee aromatic notes. So yes, in time, the fresh sensation vanishes but it remains an interesting woody aroma.

Polo SPORT by Ralph Lauren

A manly perfume and very fresh, but with high virile accents which we wouldn’t imagine by looking at the recipient. I was saying at the beginning that aquatic notes are considered to be fresh , well yes, this fragrance is a perfect example for the aquatic notes since it has some extraordinary ones.

Fan di Fendi Pour Homme Assoluto

fan di fendi

This fragrance smells fantastic. It is warm, woody and very, very sensual. Despite it’s low price this perfume is very sophisticated and targets an elite of connoisseur. With strong pink pepper at the beginning, fragrance has a middle note of wood, vetiver and patchouli completed with tonka absolute and citrus absolute. A real mirage of senses.


Energy freshness, these words should be written on the “Cool Water” bottle. I’m saying this because it practically fills you up with a lot of energy and freshness when used. The marine notes from the beginning , the mint and the green notes are extremely strong, breath taking and reminding about the unleashed ocean.

Guerlain Homme

This is an exceptional fragrance very well calibrated , the mint and lime are harmoniously combined with mojito and cedar, this perfume succeeding to make you feel fresh all day long.

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