Spring Fashion Trends 2020

Fashionistas actively study the latest collections, browse fashion sites, read magazines, watch photo and video from fashion shows. Having so much information at your disposal, it’s very easy to lose the thread and make an impression and a completely wrong opinion about the fashion of 2019. Now you do not have to look for some sources of information, we’ll tell you everything about the most fresh and the best fashion trends for spring-summer 2019. It’s very simple and easy to be stylish and beautiful! Meet spring with us!

When you think about the sunny spring days, you automatically associate them with a chromatic palette in pastel shades. Pink, yellow lemon or lilac are the colors that will make the next few months. You can combine colors with each other for a difficult to overlook appearance, and for an elongation effect, you can wear the same shade from head to toe.

They behaved, they are wearing and they will certainly carry on from now on. Depending on your conformation, choose horizontal printed stripes (only if you are very weak), otherwise, the most suitable ones are those placed vertically, because they give the body the feeling of stretching and thinning. For a classic effect, go on the combinations of noncolors, and if you have a more nonconformist yarn, choose the colored stripes.

Favored in previous collections, fringes are brought to the foreground and spring. I conquer the femininity and the sensuality that I give to you, so you can not ignore them. Take care, however, where and how they are placed in order not to create an unpleasant volume in the body.

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