One of the mandatory weapons for this spring should be the dress. Feminine, available in many models and always in fashion, the dress is one of the must-haves of a woman’s wardrobe.The designers created for this spring very feminine dresses, in pastel colors, but also neon, with floral or navy patterns, all to highlight the body of a woman and her femininity.

Paired with chic sandals, slippers and summer boots, dresses are the perfect choice for a day when the sun is smiling friendly. Let’s see what models are on trend this season and what we can match them.

And because a new season is the perfect occasion for novelties in the wardrobe, we decided it was time for a shopping session. Even if you did not find what you wanted in the wave of discounts from the beginning of the year, we searched online stores for spring dresses at affordable prices.

Spring Dresses

Thus, I chose 5 spring dresses that can get you out of the deadlock in the mornings when you don’t know what to choose!

Shirt dress – It’s a lightweight, easy-to-wear model, being the perfect choice for hot spring days when you want to look good, but also feel comfortable. Remember this concept – comfortable – because it represents a starting point for spring dresses. Wear a shirt with low-heeled sandals, sports shoes or sneakers, but also with heeled sandals.

Spring Dresses 2021

Striped Dress – Thin stripes have been in trend for several years, and this season is no exception. Choose a dress with horizontal stripes on the top and vertical stripes on the skirt area. It is a very simple trick to create the visual impression of bulky bust and elongated legs. Stripped dress looks cute and stylish and it is any hour a fine choice for 2020 spring dress collection.

Spring Dresses 2021

One-color knitted dress – Spring is a whimsical season, and that means temperatures will change from day to day. Our tip: don’t give up on hot materials!

Spring Dresses 2021

If you’re tired of jeans and sweaters, opt for a three-quarter sleeved knit dress. The dress can be worn with a belt at the waist and we recommend you to notice at least through the lines of the waist: be it A line or in the closet, slightly flared at the bottom, to mask any imperfections of the body at the bottom. Why choose a knit dress at the beginning of spring? It’s good to have her in the wardrobe, regardless of the season. Because the spring weather is often capricious and you can’t know when you’re having a cold or cold.

Spring Dresses 2021

Floral print spring dress – If you still keep a floral print dress in your wardrobe, find out you’re lucky! For this year, fashion designers recommend this print, which perfectly matches the beginning of the hot season. By the way, when not wearing floral prints? Even if, in recent years, more and more clothes are wearing floral embroidery, instead. Floral dresses will never go out of style, but they are quite difficult to wear without making mistakes. First of all, you have to remember that they are quite loaded, so the rest of the outfit should be as simple as possible. When choosing your accessories, for example, it should be in a color that can also be found on the dress. If you don’t like the result, opt for pieces in neutral shades.
Read the whole news: How to wear dresses with floral prints. A dress with floral prints can be perfectly combined with a denim jacket or a cowboy vest. You can combine this dress with neutral accessories to give a more urban look: a handbag and leather goods will give an urban and elegant note to your style.
If you want a darker tone, you can choose to combine a dress with floral prints, with a dark denim jacket and also black boots. Because all the accessories are in black, they will be a very sexy and feminine style. Although it seems that dresses with floral prints are more spring, it is true that you can go with an elegant and sophisticated look by wearing these clothes. The trick is how it combines; it is also important to pay special attention to the rest of the accessories and clothing.

Spring Dresses 2021
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