Spring cardigans 2021 is for sure one of the most comfy and beloved piece of outfit in the world. It is actually a sweater with buttons and long V-shape cleavage, knitted or weaved.
The origins of the cardigan are back to the Crimean War. Or at least this is what the specialists are saying. It looks like a British military commander called James Thomas Brudnell had a sweater that looked like the cardigan we know today. Still, the cardigan has become very popular in the 17th century in France and the British Isle. Over the time, the cardigan has proved its utility. Of course, at the beginning it was much cherished because it was exceptional in protecting against cold and wind.

Similar to a blazer or to a perfectly tailored jacket, the cardigan is always by your side when you need it and can successfully complete any type of outfit. It can be sometimes the perfect solution to complete even a very modern look.

The cardigan is a great piece, ready to be part of your daily look in any moment of the day. It is not only for completing your outfit, but also can even highlight the best parts of your body.
Of course, it is true that it is completing almost any type of outfit, we must admit that.

Depending on the model, cut or color, it is recommended both for office or casual outfits and for the most elegant ones, in the evening. From the model’s point of view, they can be long (above the knee), up to the middle of the thigh or up to the waist, with buttons or open, straight, wide, asymmetrical, with fringes, sleeves or vest style. The material from which it is made is diverse: synthetic yarns and fibers, woven or knitted cotton, mohair, natural or ecological wool, mercerized fibers. For the correct choice, the stature, conformation, outfit and destination – office, day or evening are taken into account.

Over the time, ever since its beginnings (of which I was talking above) to nowadays, it suffered many changes and reinterpretations. It has the purpose to achieve the best option for the final client, no matter if it is a woman or a man.
The cardigan can be worn for many different occasions, its versatility being probably its most important characteristic.

For a romantic style – For example, a wrap cardigan can be a very good solution. It can be matched with a white shirt, a pair of flared pants and, of course, a pair of high heels.

One thing is sure: the cardigan is perfect if you have a romantic style because it is an extremely delicate and feminine piece of the outfit. There are many models of cardigans therefore you will definitely be able to find the best one for you.
For example, you can choose a wonderful fluffy cardigan, a long one that will keep you warm, but it can also highlight your femininity at the same time.
For sure, a pair of high heels will make you look absolutely amazing, I can guarantee that.
Very important are also the accessories. Choose in this respect a delicate and thin bracelet, a pair of small earrings and don’t forget about the necklace. The accessories have an absolutely wonderful effect if they are very well equilibrated.

For a casual style – The casual style is obvious for everybody that it is comfortable and extraordinarily versatile. If you are not the type that wears only sport clothes, but neither only elegant ones, wear a long cardigan (eventually a wrap one) in combo with a pair of skinny jeans, or, if outside it is very hot and you want a more sensual look, you can choose a pair of denim shorts. You will look very casual but hot at the same time. Important is to feel very comfortable.

No matter how your personal style is, the cardigan is there for you. Indeed it is almost the perfect piece of clothing, being also extremely versatile. This is noticeable very well no matter the place you want to wear it. You can wear it at the cinema, at the market, when going shopping, when going out with your friends to have a coffee, when going on a trip to the mountains, on a picnic and even in a club. Obviously, this depends a lot on how you will be able to create the perfect outfit combo for each event. You have to have the ability to find the most successful and proper associations between the pieces of your outfit.

The cardigan is for sure a simple piece of clothing, but this doesn’t exclude the possibility of creating a stylish and interesting outfit at the same time. It can bring you a plus of style and get all your outfits out of the crowd. Important is to be careful about the details and to be a little creative.
For example, if you want to create a very useful layered outfit when it is cold outside, a cardigan is an excellent option. You can match it very easy with a dress, a maxi skirt and even a mini skirt can be a combination of great effect.
With a dress or a maxi skirt, you can wear a cashmere cardigan or one made of delicate thin wool. For sure, your look will be gorgeous and it can be very special too, because it can protect you very well from cold and wind.

The comfort has a great importance and this piece of outfit is perfect during the cold season in a layered outfit. Of course, this outfit can be also worn during the chilly summer nights without any worries.
A plus into your imagine can be obtained in combo with jeans, another very common and loved piece of the outfit.

You can also match it with a laced shirt or even with a floral print T-shirt. Eventually, for a stylish note, you should better wear a pair of boots with it.
Don’t forget to highlight the best parts of your body. Well, yes, this is possible with the help of the cardigan too. If you want to highlight your waist, add over it a belt, wide or narrow according to your preference, the cardigan type and occasion of course. If you are not very tall, a belt can be the perfect accessory.
The cardigan seems a very simple piece of outfit, but the truth is quite different. Well, yes, the cardigan is actually extremely complex. And I am saying this because I have already shown you how helpful it can be according to your own fashion style. You can also adapt the cardigan to different fashion trends and here I am referring to a trend that has lately returned into the fashion world, the retro style. You can obtain a plus of elegance if you add to your classic cardigan a brooch in the shape of a flower or made of textile fabric. Or, if you want, you can add a floral print scarf for the same effect. In both situations you can get a very interesting retro look.
It is obvious for everybody that the cardigan is an item of clothing with a special versatility. Indeed, no matter the style that you prefer, whether it is casual, classic or romantic, for sure the cardigan is ready to make your day more beautiful.
The cardigan’s versatility is extremely useful. No matter the circumstance when you will wear it, the fact that it is very easy to be matched with other clothes is very important and makes your life a lot easier.

This aspect can have a huge importance when you are in a hurry. For example, in the morning if you add a cardigan to your outfit, it will be perfectly completed by it and it will make your job easier to find the perfect look.
For sure, a highly appreciated aspect about the cardigan is that it is very easy to match with other pieces of the outfit.

Therefore, is perfect if, for example, you are wearing it on a regular basis because it will be for sure very easy for you to create some special outfits. It is equally easy to find accessories for your outfit when you are wearing a cardigan. You still have to be a little careful of what type of necklaces you are going to wear so it will fit the cardigan cleavage of course. If the cardigan is colored and has prints, your accessories should be discreet and small, but if your cardigan is simple, in one color, you may wear larger and more complex and colored accessories. The main rule is to keep a balance between the cardigan and the accessories.
A stylish and very chic cardigan is a must have piece of outfit in any trendy woman’s wardrobe. Actually, it is recommended to have not only one, but several models in order to be able to use them according to all your needs and occasions.

Undoubtedly, the type of cardigan is an important factor to consider, and below you will find out what types of cardigans are. So there are open cardigans, which are found in many styles, but none of them have buttons, zippers or other locking systems. They can be worn at work, shopping or in various other situations, and it is ideal for cooler days. There is a zippered cardigan, which is ideal given that it closes (compared to the one mentioned above, which does not close). And this type of cardigan can be worn in the same situations as the open one. Long cardigans are very similar to open ones. These garments for women are long enough (up to the knees), and some have buttons, while others have a zipper. Every woman will choose what she will like. There are short cardigans or bolero, which are made of thin and tantalized materials. They can be opened and can be easily accessorized with a strap. Some, such cardigans are closed with hooks or buttons. Strap cardigans are also very popular, and close with a strap. For women who have the perfect figure, these are the most suitable, but they are not recommended for plump women. Asymmetrical cardigans are ideal for bolder women who want to stand out on ordinary days. These, if provided with lapels, can be worn to stand out through elegance, and are also very comfortable. The tunic cardigans are very similar to the long ones, and are provided at the top with buttons. But some do not have buttons at all. There are also oversized cardigans that are large and bulky. These are not a good option for plump women.

Spring Cardigans 2021
Spring Cardigans 2021
Spring Cardigans 2021
Spring Cardigans 2021
Spring Cardigans 2021
Spring Cardigans 2021
Spring Cardigans 2021
Spring Cardigans 2021
Spring Cardigans 2021
Spring Cardigans 2021

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