spring 2020 dress trends

Spring is also announced by our outfits when we are getting out. No more big heavy clothes, no more boots, no more fur coats.
This wonderful spring season gathers, according to specialists, all the trends from the last years. So, yes, there is a trend for each of you, no matter how sophisticated or demanding you might be.

Let’s see some very interesting spring dresses:

1.Dresses with graphic prints

Born as a major trend a season ago, this spring continues to be a big hit. Dresses with prints are very delicate and special, be careful that your accessories should be the same.

2.Dresses with stripes

It is said, and for a good reason indeed, that it will flow many water on Mississippi until this dress will go out of fashion. Oh, yes, we know it from our grandma times and it’s still in trends.

3. Dresses with bright colors (yellow, red, pink)

If there is a perfect moment for these dresses, then it is definitely spring time.

4. Dresses with floral prints

Floral prints show the splendor and euphoria specific to this season. One new spring on catwalk, one new tribute brought to the floral prints through all those dresses with this print present in most of the big fashion designers shows.

Further on, I would like to give you some tips on how to wear the spring dresses according to your silhouette:

1. If you have small breasts:

– laces do wonders, choose dresses with delicate lace and gentle corset
– choose dresses with embroidery and floral prints, tulle and delicate inserts on breasts area
– metallic dresses – a wonderful idea if you have small breasts, a drape cleavage do wonders too
– dresses with geometrical prints, psychedelic prints are helping too because they “fool the eye”

2. If you are short:

– try some V shaped cleavage because they make your neck look longer
– don’t avoid vertical stripes, they will lengthen your silhouette very much
– maxi dresses work to your benefit and they will create the illusion of continuity

3. If you are chubby:

– go for sleeveless dresses especially if you have firm arms, but if not, don’t worry, choose some with short sleeves
– a V shaped cleavage dress will work into your advantage once because you will look taller and second because it draws attention to your face and neck
– avoid skinny dresses like the satin ones

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