What smart casual means? 

Smart casual style it’s actually a dress code used by ladies (because we are talking about them) but also by gents in some specific situations. And when I say specific situations I’m referring to: free time, walks and an easy job without front office. Considering the activities for which this style it’s most appropriate, his principal characteristics are comfort  and a modern and elegant look.

Smart casual dress code for ladies could mean a pair of jeans with a shirt plus a pair of comfortable shoes and at all that add a jacket to make everything just perfect.

If you are dressed as smart casual this doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy. Little black dress for example can prove my point and shouldn’t miss from your wardrobe.

2015 little  black dress

latest little black dress 2015

A dress code it’s important because it shows the mood of the one who’s wearing it and the characteristics of the event.

Accessories for smart casual outfits?

Accessories are a very important part of your outfit, no matter what outfit it might be, but even more at smart casual attire, they have to be well chosen. Try to be well-balanced and to avoid being ridicule.

Footwear and smart casual attire

For a perfect smart casual outfit you must pay attention also to your footwear. There are lots of types of shoes which work with this outfit like: boots, sandals and other comfortable shoes.

Tips for a perfect smart casual outfit

–         avoid the outfits which are too sexy because you risk being considered vulgar

–         choose a neat smart casual attire, it’s a very important aspect

–         be careful where you are wearing this outfit because if you have a job where you are working directly with customers you can forget about it

–         invest in quality clothes even if we are speaking about smart casual attires, they will last longer and they will create a very good look for you

Remember that when you put a pair of stiletto in your shoes , you automatically raise your image in dress code ranking. Almost doesn’t matter too much the rest of your outfit. So, wear them with a T-shirt and a pair of jeans and that is a very nice smart casual attire.

stiletto and jeans 2015

 Smart casual dress code advantages

–         you look good and feel good and if you will wear a smart casual attire you will be comfortable too

–         versatility – the chance to be able to wear it in different places and moments of the day

–         you can use a lot of accessories to personalize your outfit

–         the big variety of outfits which you can make depending on your inspiration

In my opinion, the way you dress must be in agreement with your character and style. If you are conservatory and not very sociable it’s hard to believe that you’ll feel good in smart casual attire. But if you are bold and love everything new then you will surely be delighted by such an outfit.

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