I do not know if are aware but the most important sleeping garment is pajama and the word “pajama” comes from the Persian word “paijama” and means “leg garment”. When the English colonialists settled territories in the east, they considered the loose-fitting trousers and jacket very comfortable and used them around the house and for sleeping.Indeed it is a very comfortable piece of garment , perfect for you to give during the night the necessary comfort.

Of course it is clear that the material is: flannel, silk, satin, cotton, wool, all soft materials are more than welcomed. Yes, true, because also the material should be very comfortable.

Due to their comfort, pajamas are worn with bare feet and even without underwear, so forget about office attire or high heels , put on some pajamas and just be natural, be yourself. In order to express your mood you can choose from a lot of designs and prints like: flowers, cute animals like puppies, kittens, rabbits, ducks, teddy bears, little fishes, whatever you desire, or maybe you enjoy having on your jimmies some balloons, polka dots, images from cartoons such as Tweedy the Bird or Hello Kitty. Also, you may want to wear a pajama with stripes, images of sports or favorite movie and so on.

You also should be aware that your sleeping garment should be periodically changed.

A survey showed that many Britons wear pajamas for 2 weeks or more before a change to another clan. A hygiene expert also drew attention to the dangers posed by the fact of change rarely nightwear. The survey results scandalized her prof. Sally Bloomfield, a specialist in hygiene at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, who warned that wearing for 2 weeks the same linens night can lead to skin infections, cystitis, even Superbugs dreaded MRSA infection (a staph resistant to multiple antibiotics and causes infections very difficult to treat).

She explained that pajamas are in intimate contact with the skin, and it blistered, eliminating dead cells filled with microorganisms. For example, many people have staph on the skin, which, if reaching the small skin lesions can cause infections. Similarly, we all have bacteria E coli in the intestine, most strains are harmless it. But if you get into the urinary tract can cause urinary infections, resulting in cystitis.

The risk of all of these problems increases when bacteria accumulate on the fabric that is in contact with the skin nightly. Also, bacteria can be transferred from one person to another when they sleep in the same bed.

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