Don’t be discouraged by the cold, snow and wind outside to give in to a banal pair of pants. Even if your instinct tells you to cover every inch of your body, take a break from your pants and turn your attention to a skirt! Perfect for original overlays and effect outfits, the skirts will insulate you from the cold in an extremely stylish way.
Skirts for winter are an essential part of any wardrobe but if the weather outside is too unfriendly, we do not have the courage to wear them. That’s really not a great reason for joy!

Who says that in winter you can’t wear skirts is wrong.

A winter dress consisting of a skirt, thick tights, matte and boots (normal or over the knee) ensures a sexy and confident look to any woman. Even if it is cold and ugly outside, you can have an outfit that will give you confidence and make a good impression.
Skirts are very versatile pieces of clothing. Skirts can be worn in various combinations and can be adapted to any event. A skirt can be integrated in any style of clothing and assorted with several clothing items (elegant blouses, sweaters, heeled shoes, sports shoes, boots, etc.).

Tips to focus:

The skirt for wearing in the cold season should be maxi-way. It is allowed to wear a classic medium length, but only on condition that the skirt has additional heating. Maxi length winter skirts can be quite thin, but wool.
Long products are suitable for both thin and fat women. And if with the length of the midi still need to “sweat”, Lifting it so as to hide the fullness of the calves, there will be no such problem with the maxi.
Particular attention should be paid to the color of the clothing. As you know, it is monophonic and contains a print. If you want to hide the fullness of the thigh, prefer diagonal geometric patterns – rhombuses, zigzags, trapezoids.
Winter wardrobe: choose a skirt and make sure of its advantages over pants.
If your hips are narrow enough that you can afford to wear a skirt of any color and with any type of print, you can choose a “latest squeak” Fashion – clothes in a large market.
A quilted winter skirt is an optimal choice for fat women. Due to its texture, the body offers a visual harmony, especially if the sides of the garment are made of ordinary material, and the quilted part is located in the middle of the product and has a vertical directive.
Quilted winter skirts are usually not too long and not too thin. But they have the main advantage – practicality and warmth. Usually, these products assume an interior material that maintains a comfortable body temperature.

– Maxi length winter skirts are the best choice for a cold season. Remember the simple law of physics. The warm air rises, and the issue that surrounds it holds it, as if under the “dome.” The longer the skirt, the more practical, convenient and safer for your health. Choose the optimal length, so so that the product not only heats up, but has a harmonious shape;
– The more magnificent the skirt – the more original it is. By the way, if you chose a product made of a fairly thin material (even wool), you can only wear one piece two or three clothes, creating the “chisel effect”;
– The skirt should be made of warm material, ideally – wool. It can be lined without it. If you don’t like woolen clothes, choose another dense fabric;
– Even soda skirts can warm you in frosty weather, but with one condition – they will be worn for several at once. The temperature is maintained in this case due to “multi-layers”;
– If you wear a separate sucker, let it be silk, satin or linen. You can use synthetic materials, although this is not very practical. The lining itself can be smooth or textured, with or without sleeves and flames. The denser the material, the more elegant the clothes will be for you;
– If the length of your skirt slightly exceeds the classic midi, give preference to graceful boots. Under the maxi you can wear ankle boots – the main thing is that you feel warm and comfortable;
– The dimensionless nylon ship should be set aside. First, they are quite cold, and secondly, the body is worse “breathes”, And, consequently, feels himself. The best option is black cotton shirts;
– The jacket should preferably be long and completely cover the hips. If the top of your skirt is made of a dildo lining, which is a priori non-blowing, and the shape of the product fits very well, this condition is not necessary – your waist is already safely protected from the wind .

Suede Skirts

suede skirts
best suede skirts
suede skirt
suede skirt

Choose a suede skirt with a middle opening in the style of the ’70s. The suede skirt (or suede) quickly became one of the coolest pieces of the season, being popularized by internationally renowned fashionistas, such as Kim Kardashian, Olivia Palermo or Blake Lively. Over time, suede, also known as suede, has been reserved especially for shoes and boots, but this season its popularity has grown substantially, and can be seen on the catwalks in the form of dresses, pants and full accessories. of color. Ignored for so long, suede has become a favorite of fashionistas overnight, and the skirt seems to be the most worn weight, probably due to its versatility.
The suede has a soft, velvety texture, which makes it extremely sexy, while giving you a look between sexy and bohemian. Take advantage of its texture by combining it with contrasting materials – suede and matte leather, suede and silk, suede and knit, etc.
The suede skirt is the easiest way to wear this trend all year round. Its texture makes it perfect for both cold winter days and hot summers. The best part is that there are a lot of perfect models for each style.

Satin Skirt

Skirts For Winter
Skirts For Winter
Skirts For Winter
Skirts For Winter

The satin skirt seems to dominate the autumn-winter season. Depending on the top, shoes and accessories you choose, you can include the fur skirt in both casual day outfits and elegant and refined evening outfits. Satin skirts have a precious air, but this does not make them exclusively occasional pieces – on the contrary, they can be easily adapted for various contexts. The elegant look makes them perfect for the evening, but at the same time they are ideal to create contrast with more casual pieces, in the case of everyday outfits.
You can wear satin skirts to meet your boyfriend, to parties, when going out with friends in the city, or even to the office.

Denim Skirts

denim skirts
Skirts For Winter
Winter Skirts 2020
Winter Skirts 2020

Denim skirts is part of every woman’s wardrobe. Of course, you also have at least two denim skirts for outings with girls in the city that you find impossible to match. Well, for several seasons, the jeans skirt is a must-have item, which can help you make a good impression at any season and that’s why you need to learn how to match it. With the help of a denim skirt you can create various combinations, both informal and formal. An everyday outfit will not be the same as for a formal event. And the style between day and evening will vary.
Thus, with a single skirt, a lot of combinations can be made. For example, you can opt for shirts and blouses for more formal occasions, some beautiful shoes with heels and a jacket. Instead, if you combine the jeans skirt with a more casual t-shirt and flat boots or shoes, you will create a brilliant everyday outfit.
The length of the skirt varies depending on various factors. In addition to the occasion, it will greatly influence the shape of the body, when the right jeans skirt should be chosen. For example, for tall women, pencil skirts below the knee are recommended, while for shorter ones the ones above the knee will fit. The item above will have to be wider or you can choose a t-shirt, depending on the silhouette. Jeans skirts allow for various combinations.
Jeans can vary in shade or color, for example, depending on the time of year. While lighter jeans are worn in summer, in winter you can opt for dark blue or gray and beige skirts.
The truth is that the material of jeans or denim combines with all colors and prints. Thus, you can combine a denim skirt with simple t-shirts of any color you want or with a printed clothing item.
The combination of a denim skirt with a pair of heeled pants depends on many factors. In addition to the type of event – given that in the case of formal ones you must always wear heeled pants, you must also take into account where you go, how many hours you will have to spend standing, how long you resist on heels.
If you know in advance that you will not feel comfortable with heels, opt for flat shoes that combine with a denim skirt. You can even opt for sports shoes. There is also the option to use both options. When you get tired of heels, you can change into flat shoes.
As you can see, the jeans skirt can be combined with various interesting items. If you still don’t have a denim skirt in your wardrobe, I recommend you buy one, and try to make chic combinations. Remember that denim is fashionable this season!

Corduroy Skirts

corduroy winter skirt 2020
corduroy winter skirts 2020

And the corduroy makes a huge leap this season! Not only is it extra comfortable and suitable for the cold season, but it is also a very durable fabric, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it too soon because of wear.

How To Wear Skirts In Winter

If you choose the right skirts, you can transform the wearing of these items into a pleasant experience. Here’s how you can wear skirts in winter:

1. Choose the right skirt
The most suitable skirts to wear in winter are those made of warm materials, with simple patterns.

Choose a skirt from a thick material, such as denim, wool, leather, velvet or thick cotton, because thin materials such as polyester, satin or silk will not keep you warm.

Choose the right length:
• The long skirts, up to the ankles are very warm and comfortable to wear in winter, with thin or thick tights.
• Skirts to the knees offer flexibility and are fashionable, but you must wear thick tights to keep you out of the cold.
• Short skirts are chic, but can be uncomfortable in winter.

Choose the right model:
o Dark colors are best suited in the cold season.
o Choose skirts with geometric shapes, classic prints and horizontal stripes.
o Avoid bloated patterns and pastel colors, as they are suitable in spring and summer.

2. Cover your feet
Nylon stockings and tights are very important in winter, because they warm your feet and give you a feeling of comfort if you wear skirts.
Wear nylon stockings of different colors:
o Black nylon stockings offer a conservative look and subdued your legs.
o Stockings in a neutral color match any dress style and any skirt pattern.
Wear tights because they will keep you warmer than nylon stockings, being made of cotton, polyester or spandex blends and being available in a variety of colors.

3. Choose the rest of the outfit
A warm sweater and a thick coat of clothing will keep you away from the cold of winter if you wear skirts.
Choose the right sweater. The thicker it is, the better it will warm you. Sweaters match perfectly with denim skirts and wool. Sweaters are also a good winter clothing option.

Choose a warm outfit:
o Wear elegant, brightly colored wool coats to keep you warm.
o Wear pockets of thick materials and in bright or dark colors, as you prefer, so that you will not be cold in the head.
o Wear thick or thin scarves, long or short, colored or neutral, to keep your neck warm.

Choose a suitable shoe:
• The booties are wonderfully matched with the skirts down to the knees and with the long ones.
• The boots up to the pulp or to the knees fit any model of skirt.

Skirt is an essential element of feminine clothing, which can not be missing from a lady’s wardrobe.

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