Shorts For Women 2020

Summer Shorts – Perfect for Summer

The high temperatures are a serious reason to move towards an extremely light and comfortable outfit. Shorts are an extraordinary option. However, as much as we like, how difficult it is to wear them in dry clothes, without showing that we spent the whole day lazing in the park. The real challenge is to wear them in glam outfits or at the office, but we’re here to ease your work.

Interesting Combination

– You can go in one color, pastel, for both shorts and jacket or top;
– You can go on a single print, both for pants and jacket, the most popular being the tiles or the stripes;
 – You can even dare a striped shirt combination with high waisted shorts, but not necessarily with a pair of high boots and an assorted purse, for a slightly more western tone;
 – You can opt for an all black look, combining black leather pants with a molded black top;
 – You can opt for an all white look but with rock accents, combining a pair of white denim shorts and a wide, black belt with a semi-transparent white lace blouse;
– You can opt for a blue look, in accordance with most denim shades, combining your favorite pair of denim shorts, even with the desired hem, with a pastel blue shirt, possibly with some floral prints on it;
 – You can playfully combine a pair of denim shorts with the finished hem (for a more structured look) and a blouse with ruffles or puffed sleeves.

Rules To Keep In Mind When Wearing Shorts And Heels

The shorter the pants, the lower the heel. That is the most important aspect which you should remember. Otherwise, the outfit might seem vulgar. Pants that have a masculine fit best fit with platform shoes. It gives you stability and gives a feminine touch to your outfit. When wearing shorts and heels, avoid over-the-top or too-soft tops. Opt for a white shirt, a simple T-shirt and a jacket or an oversized blouse. Shorts can be worn with heeled shoes, but such a combination is more appropriate when going out with friends. For the office, wear them with gladiator sandals, platforms, ballerinas or Oxford shoes.

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