I’m writing this from an idea that came to me one day when I wanted to leave the house to run, and, while tying my shoelaces, one of them broke. Here’s a story that brings into focus the quality of these laces.

Before stories about braid it made a classification of shoes, with or without lace. I say this because there are people who prefer shoes without lace.

shoes without laces

Others on the other hand strongly prefer shoes with lace.

The discussion is quite long but it is clear that synthesizing are advantages and disadvantages to each side.

Because in this article we are talking mainly about laces and shoes with laces, we will try to treat things from the perspective of those who prefer this footwear.

Lace shoes have the advantage that they are very ergonomic, you can collect and unfolding the lace as you want to be more comfortable.

The problem that I personally experienced it comes from poor quality laces that of some shoes. Usually when you buy a pair of shoes as you expect to be the quality you expect to be the same laces.

If you want to buy shoelaces, extremely generous offer, and how wide is be careful. Unless you want to repeat this buying their lack of quality. You can find all kinds of designs of laces to from phosphorescent to classic white laces.

Obviously your purchase should be based on how the shoe’s color, the use of. However it is preferable to think very well, because it’s better to make a one-time purchase. If you do not study well the market is likely to break while you and start all over again.

If we think in fact and in the end to admit, it’s not necessarily a question of trend or fashion is a matter of preference or, better said how do you feel more comfortable.

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