The denim skirt is a piece that should not be missing from any wardrobe. Wearing jeans are made of thin, dark fabrics with different floral motifs and inserts, as well as cut-off, torn skirts. Although we think we can not fail to wear such a skirt, it seems that the shoe is the one that can spoil our outfit completely. Certain shoes do not have to be wearing a jeans skirt, and this advice comes directly from professionals.

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So, let’s see which are shoes which will be better to be avoided.


Denim skirt should not be worn with ballet dancers. The ballerinas are no longer fashionable and make you look anyway, only like a stylish woman. The skirt should be the centerpiece of our outfit, which is highlighted by a pair of trendy shoes. It is true that a pair of flats are very comfortable and tempting, but it is better to be avoided.


Boots must be set aside in this combo. These are not allowed in the summer, not even in the rainy days. In combination with the denim blouse, these take your optic from the length of your legs and make you look terrible. Of course you should keep distance from any type of boots, including over the knee ones.

Marocan Slippers

Yes, try to stay away from marocan slippers and actually any kind of slippers. In combination with this skirt do not make a stylish outfit.

No doubt that denim skirts looks very nice and above all, it is very comfortable and for sure, have a certain level of versatility. But, despite of that amazing qualities, you should be aware that it is important how you combine it. And shoes must not be ignored. So, yes, you wear a comfortable and versatile skirt but try to be careful with the shoes.

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