Shoes trends for fall-winter 2012-2013 season are extremely bidding. I think there is no woman who does not love to roam the malls in search of a pair of special shoes. Clearly besides shopping’s pleasure is essential to know and what are the main trends for this season. Basically it’s about maintaining some types of shoes be it boots or shoes.

So great pleasure to be caroling all the shops, whether physical or online, looking for a pair of shoes perfect for this autumn winter. Once you know but who are they looking for patterns, and eventually know what you like, keeping in mind the current trends and the mission is much easier.

Over the Knee Boots

Boots which rises over the knee boots are perfect to match to skirts, dresses or shorts, protecting us from the low temperature season. You can choose classic boots in shades of black or brown with thick heels or heel, certainly will be an excellent investment.

Footwear with metal inserts

Believe it or not, this kind of shoes are in fashion this season, metallic inserts a new motherboard, heels, studs, buckles, all of which still survive in the market. Such models of footwear offers a punk-chic outfit look special.

Midi boots

Shorter boots that ends a few inches below the knee or mid-thigh, are in great demand this season. The rule is very simple: wear them with heels really! The frame is still and always something that gives elegance and sexy tone any shoes. Being short, they tend to shorten the leg. So to avoid this with a right heel!

Animal print boots

Whether you opt for faux reptile skin or fur of animals of the jungle, animal print is still must-have! In fact, he is worshiped and must recognize that look great on any type of shoes in any color.

Platform shoes

Whether or not shows the delineation frame, platform shoes are truly original this fall.Reinvent and rediscover platform is carved with some curves and a thick heel or taken to an extreme style disco era. The great? These shoes are very comfortable and at the same time provide your feet tall.

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