As I said it when talking about the sexiest gents perfumes, perfume directly addresses to one of the senses, the smell, but the implications of his action goes beyond the simple act of detection of certain spices, changing moods, changing behaviors , relaxing, motivating, giving trust or giving pleasure.

To be perceived as a sexy woman, you have to feel sexy. That is why your perfume, it is important to represent you and feel hot. Research suggests that perfumes not only make you feel more attractive, but can act as a catalyst carnal … exactly, there is a strong link between perfumes and seduction. The more you know about perfume, the more you will be able to use their seductive power …
Research shows that perfume can make a woman feel more confident and more feminine. Choose carefully flavors that you like, and do not go directly to the “trendy” or the favorite your friends. The best perfume is one that makes you feel good in your own skin.

Here are, in my opinion the sexiest perfumes for ladies:

10. Kai Perfume

It is a sophisticated fragrance, very sexy, intoxicating blend of gardenia mingled with white exotics. It’s a pretty expensive fragrance with a hint of an exclusive but very high quality.

9. Mitsouko Perfume by Guerlain

We are talking about an evening fragrance, extremely sexy and romantic as it certainly portends a hot night with her lover. This mix of oakmoss, bergamot, and peaches has a brash, cheeky sex appeal. This fragrance has majestic qualities. Sometimes it has “everything”, sometimes I almost cannot wear it. But I must love and respect it for what it is: unique and special aura of mystery. Mitsouko truly is a classic, and of course is addressed to romantic and sexy women. Great combination isn’t it?

8. Narciso Rodriguez Perfume by Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Rodriguez is an exceptional creator that never ceases to amaze me in a positive way. It has some absolutely ravishing sensual fragrance, Narciso Rodriguez for Her is no exception. Someone once said that : Narciso Rodriguez draws his inspiration from women, for women. His creations are designed to celebrate their beauty and sensuality, to set off their body.

This warm, sensual fragrance starts with honey and amber, then quickly transforms into an addictive musk. An interesting scent, specially made for hot mysterious women in you, who go to the office during the day, but in  evening rages in clubs or on the terraces. A must wear perfume during the day in meetings from multinational company where you work but also in the power of the night when you want to be wild…

7. Tresor By Lancome For Women

Tresor By Lancome For Women is a very romantic fragrance with an original and ingenious presentation, all of this product makes you think of love and romance. It’s just not very “hotbut is also a high quality fragrance that lasts from 1990, the year when it was launched with great success among millions of ladies that already consider him as their own “signature” and they can not break up from him.

6. Lolita Lempicka

Lolita Lempicka is … sexiest too not to include it in this top. You will say it’s too common, as is 1 Million by Paco Rabanne for men, so? why that is the problem? Men love that aura of mystery that emits a real witch perfume!

5.  Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb Extreme

Launched in 2006 as a limited edition, exclusive perfume is an extremely high quality. Sweet freshness of bergamot and jasmine clear are flavors you throw in an implosion of the senses. If you ask me Flowerbomb Extreme is purely addictive for those who love strong, balmy scents. This fragrance is not as clearly absent from any top sexiest perfumes for women.

4. Shalimar by Guerlain

A truly legendary fragrance and flavor extremely seductive throb (and men) since 1925. Guerlain Shalimar perfume contains notes of lemon, bergamot, patchouli, sandalwood, musk and a hint of vanilla.

3. Must De Cartier By Cartier For Women

A complex scent, excellent for women sophisticated and hot. Must de Cartier is so very complex in its composition, that can make you fall in love on the spot. Must by Cartier Perfume 2015 by Cartier is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women, launched in 2015. Top note is jasmine, middle note is galbanum. The base note is vanilla.

2. Thierry Mugler Alien

Thierry Mugler is a magnificent creator, succeeded in fantastic way to conceive a series of extraordinary and Alien perfume is mysterious, seductive, intriguing and sexiest alike. Alien smells like an enchanted forest, sweet and sensual amber and woody essences combined with a touch of jasmine .. grill on who comes.

1. Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

This fragrance captures the femininity and delicacy. It’s like a princess perfume probably the kind of scent that young women feel good and elegant. A modern oriental fragrance, fresh, sensual and abstract. It contains top notes of orange and bergamot, middle notes of jasmine and rose, and the final notes of patchouli and vetiver. A young, refined and luxurious flavor.

Did you know that?
Did you know that fragrance builds memories? Yes it does, “fragrant memories” are the ideal way to build strong ties. Smell a perfume that your boyfriend used to wear when you meet him can flood your mind with memories and can make you feel as in love as then.

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