Scarves trends for ladies – fall-winter 2013-2014

Scarves represent a very important accessory for ladies. No matter if we are speaking about going to work, shopping, taking a simple walk or wherever we might get out; the scarf it’s, as we might say, an essential element in our outfit.

For the fall-winter of 2013-2014, the designers are bringing us the latest trends which are extremely varied but not too complex in terms of shape and color.
And because we are talking about the cold season, a wool wide scarf or a shawl can help you a lot in order to create some upper volume. Also, retro style scarves are again much recommended.
Floral scarves are a great hit this fall, but this is not a big surprise.

The floral prints give a romantic look to every woman who dares to dream. Flowers have always been associated with delicacy, tenderness, beauty and purity of a woman so, if you are the romantic and sensitive type, then the floral scarves are a must in your wardrobe.
Lately, scarves with animal prints are very trendy too.

The public is a very complicated organism which gets bored quickly therefore the designers have to always create interesting accessories and items. This is how the animal print story has come to life. Quite easy to match to different outfits, from day outfits to evening ones, animal print scarves are gaining more and more field.

In the end, don’t forget an essential aspect, along with the cold season trends we are keep talking about, that you have to match your make-up with the colors of the scarf.

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