Women love men who wear scarves or mufflers. Remember that in winter when leaving home. Also remember that such an accessory can be worn with great success at any age, it’s one thing to be uderlined because many believe that scarf is the prerogative of men past the first youth. Scarf is the accessory that you can give charm, elegance and style to your winter outfits.

Scarf is, however, an attractive way to give a casual touch of formality and elegance you desire. It highlights give it a sporty stance and relaxed note a more formal dress. However, some do not like this and prefer distinctive note clearly between formal and casual.
Many prefer to wear open-neck shirt, considered more casual because it exposes the neck. Unlike bow ties and they are never striped.

In the past for scarves was a hallmark of a group. Another practical role was to protect you from sunburn in the days when it was invented cream with SPF. Scarf became a symbol for young professionals, being worn by chefs to face frequent transitions from cold to the warm air in the neck that is usually exposed. For that’s enough to fold into a triangle and then to run to be worn loosely around his neck. Unlike tie, there are rules of behavior or knotting it. Everywhere you see patterns and styles of behavior, with scarf you can play forever. Is an important element stylish man who’s not afraid to state.

There is an extremely wide variety of scarves in the market. From modern scarves with or without prints:

Of course you can find more classic choice for very portrivite occasions for office wear or for special situations:

Scarf is the accessory that you can charm your winter outfits. That is indisputable, scarf worn in cold weather only, as I said, if you’re a stylish coat so you will always have an interesting point is how to wear a men’s scarf with coat. Scarf pattern chosen for this depends very much on the circumstances in which wear coat, her color (typically try to prefer brown, maybe black, and your mood.

In principle, as noted above scarf is a very important accessory of your wardrobe should be careful when wearing it (carefully – act only when it’s cold outside, only in winter), how you wear and what you graded if you take care of these things then you will be a man very elegant and stylish.

Did you know that?
A windmill in London is knitting scarves? Merel Karhof designer of Dutch origin based in London, decided to implement a crazy idea. Knitting Installation innovative “Wind Knitting Factory ‘moment can only knit scarves, but it is only a matter of time: just as well can be made socks, hats and other accessories. It all started with his interest Merel for environmental issues and alternative energy. Wind as one of the most affordable sources of green energy is a key theme free in the activity designer. But instead of turning wind power into electricity, decided to use it in its original form. To do this, Merel has designed a windmill with a wingspan of 1.2 meters and has attached to it a loom.

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