Well yes , let’s talk about a perfume for romantic dates. If you are preparing for a romantic encounter, you want your perfume to be evocative and sexy!
But, before I make some romantic perfumes recommendations, we must see how you properly apply perfume, to be neither too vague, nor too persistent. In this respect, here are some tips:
– Apply perfume to pulse points of the body, wrist, behind the knees , behind the ears , wrists, elbows and between breasts . Do not overdo the spray 2-3 sprays are enough.
– Do not overdo the perfume. If you use more time that perfume, you might think that the smell started to not be so persistent, but in reality, your olfactory gland have become accustomed to that flavor.
– Make sure you apply fragrance to clean skin, preferably after shower.
– If you have dry skin, I recommend using a moisturizer before applying the perfume as it will be more persistent aroma on skin hydrated.

Now that we have seen  how it applies here are couple of my recommendations which advise you to take them into account if you prepare for a romantic date .

DKNY Be Delicious

A sexy fragrance which make your boyfriend to hold you in his arms more! It is a clear scent , not a tinted floral, yet delicious! It has some fruity notes and definitely will keep you all night!

Oh, Lola ! Perfume by Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs hit with this incredible fragrance! It’s very fruity, stylish and one of the best flavors, if you are on the first date. An interesting thing to Oh! Lola is that it has a ton of different notes . Everything, from pears in raspberry to vanilla and peony !

Lancome – La Vie Est Belle

It has notes of iris , patchouli and has a sweetness fine. It’s ideal fragrance for a night out !It is a mysterious and sexy fragrance while you will make your boyfriend was no longer take your hands off your body.

Cacharel – Amor Amor

Introduced in 2003, this fragrance continues to charm today with its shades of fruits, floral, fragrant woods and vanilla. If you hate the smell of perfumes regularly like I do, this is a great one to try. It’s tangy, deep, and sensual.

Alien – Thierry Mugler

Thierry Mugler perfumes is an artist of the world, as confirmed by Alien perfume. Mysterious and seductive Alien smells like an enchanted forest, sweet and sensual amber and woody essences combined with a touch of jasmine … grill on who comes.

To choose the perfect scent for a romantic date you have to know yourself. Actually, the fragrance is a card more eloquently than you think and reveal more about you than you think.

Which fragrance you prefer for a date?
Chanel – yes this brand is like BMW or Mercedes in cars
Prada – perfect choice for a true fashion addict
Thierry Mugler – misterious… and hot
GUERLAIN – exotique…
TOM FORD – yes, it is true , I prefer luxury…
Balenciaga – just a little romance, it is a date …

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Christian Dior- “The Little Dictionary of Fashion” :
“Since the beginning of civilization perfume has always been considered an essential part of woman’s attraction.
When I was young, women used much more perfume than they do now and I think that was wonderful and I regret that more women don’t use it lavishly now.
Perfume, like your clothes, can so much express your personality; and you can change your mood with your perfume.”

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