Ripped Jeans

In order to be able to talk about ripped jeans, we must first talk about jeans. Let’s go back to 1850, when a German Jewish merchant named Loeb Strauss sold blue denim pants to miners and ranchers looking for a cheap, hard, comfortable, and durable material.
In those days, denim pants (material that appeared in the Middle Ages, in the French city of Nîmes – hence its name -> de Nîmes) were very cheap, so they soon became popular among immigrants arriving in America.
Let’s stop at the term blue jeans and see where it got its name from. Well, during the Renaissance, denim was made in Italy and sold in Genoa, because sailors needed very durable pants. Blue jeans comes from the French expression “bleu de Genes”, translated as “blue of Genoa”.

Going back to Loeb Strauss (who later changed his name to Levi), I must mention that he worked with a Jewish tailor named Jacob Davis.
Davis is the first to tighten the pockets of trousers with metal targets (the miners complained about their poor strength), and jeans began to have their classic look. It goes without saying that they soon conquered not only the States, but the whole world.

Before 1970, torn jeans were associated with less fortunate people, specifically the poor. The lower class of workers could not afford denim, so they could not take new pants, but wore the ones they had until they broke.
The truth is simple – long before people wore torn clothes as fashion items, they wore them as a necessity. The reality was reversed, and in the late 1980s, during the rock / heavey metal and punk era, ripped jeans became extremely popular and were worn as a sign of rebellion.
Punks used to spoil consumer goods as a form of expression and anger against society, but denim became an important part of this political statement. The Sex Pistols, Iggy Pop and Bros were among the devotees, and women like Bananarama and Madonna popularized them among women. Fans began to copy the style and make their own ripped jeans at home, and this attracted the attention of brands.
Basically, ripped jeans returned with the fashion of the ’80s, including high-waisted overalls or pants. Nowadays, you can find them everywhere, and the reason why consumers buy them and don’t make them at home alone, is because denim has become much stronger and harder to break (so that they look good).

Everyone chooses their favorite models, but experts say that torn jeans should not reveal much of the leather (as Kim Kardashian does, say. In the end, it’s about aesthetics, style, hype, the extent to which you can generate trends and not necessarily imitate existing ones.


Each year and season comes with its own trends, both in terms of clothing and accessories. Even if we are sometimes reluctant, and the ideas of fashion designers seem exaggerated, we end up loving some clothing items very much. The beginning of the year comes with a more rebellious air and brings us in the wardrobe an accessory that many of us already love. It’s about ripped jeans. We each have in the wardrobe a few pairs of jeans, from simple and light-colored models to those in dark shades. Well, if you don’t have a pair of ripped jeans yet, it’s time to buy at least one pair.

Why choose to wear them

This type of jeans are suitable for all types of silhouettes and perfect regardless of the clothing style you approach. Depending on the things you match them with, you can have a casual or elegant outfit. Another reason why you can choose these jeans is the fact that they are very comfortable, original and stylish, being very easy to match. On days when you want to get out of anonymity, or you just don’t know what to choose for a day at the office or an evening out on the town, confidently choose a pair of ripped jeans. Torn jeans are not pretentious at all, which gives you the complete freedom to match and accessorize them as you like. Below we will show you some ways to behave and what you can match them with.

Be elegant! Choose your favorite pair of ripped jeans and a pair of heeled shoes. You can opt for a steamy blouse or a shirt. Choose a skinny or boyfriend model in your favorite color. Depending on the season in which you want to wear jeans, you can choose between classic heeled shoes, sandals, ankle boots or boots. Accessorize your outfit with an elegant bag, jacket, coat or fur vest. Be elegant and feel good!
Always be the center of attention! If you want to always be in the center of attention and get out of anonymity, with a pair of ripped jeans and some bolder accessories, you will succeed every time. Choose strong colors, big accessories, jeans with big tears and many, scarves and shawls, hats and hats and everything you want to feel good. You can combine either heeled shoes, sandals or sports shoes, but the piece of resistance in your outfit will be represented by torn jeans.
Depending on which model you like, you have a very rich range of ripped jeans models to choose from. Whether you choose the straight or molded cut, flared or skinny, in shades of blue, white or black, you will receive words of praise for your outfits. Don’t forget to wear only what makes you happy and in ways that make you feel good!

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