Ripped Jeans for Women 2016

Everybody is familiar with jeans. They are for sure the most versatile and popular pieces of outfit from every woman. Ripped jeans are definitely one of the coolest pieces of outfit in 2016.
Ripped jeans match with almost any type of outfit, it depends only on you and what you want your final aspect to look like.

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The combo you will get can be absolutely extraordinarily if you will have in mind the following tips:

1. If you are going for a walk or to a bar with your friends, then match the ripped jeans with a pair of converse and a large sweater and maybe a snapback hat if you are in the mood of.
2. If for example you are going to a club with your friends, wear a shirt, a leather jacket and, of course a pair of stilettos.
3. Maybe you wish for a casual outfit. If that’s the case, then, along with the ripped jeans, you should wear a pair of casual shoes and a simple but sensual top.
4. If you want to look hot, then you should wear with the ripped jeans a red checkered shirt or maybe a short T-shirt.
5. Less is always more so match the ripped jeans with a boyfriend blazer and a pair of stilettos.
6. If you want to go to classes, choose a simple white T-shirt and maybe a hoodie with your ripped jeans.
7. For a more sophisticated look and a little sensual, choose a white, tight top with a generous cleavage and a blazer, but don’t forget of course the stilettos.
8. If you want a very relaxed outfit, then wear the ripped jeans with a simple shirt and tuck it in.

No matter what combo you will choose, you can’t go wrong because, as I’ve said before, they are very versatile. Be careful only to not exaggerate with the colors and accessories you are using when creating your outfit.

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