Ripped Boyfriend Jeans 2015-2016

It has been nearly 150 years since Levi Strauss used to create the first pair of blue jeans, without thinking it was going to revolutionize fashion.

For sure the jeans have become for some time now a clothing item that can’t miss from any woman’s wardrobe. The jeans are your best friends during the days when nothing seems to be good enough with what you want to wear. Obviously, there are many styles and models, but ripped boyfriend jeans are very special.

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best boyfriend jeans 2015-2016

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If you are a relaxed person and you like to dress chic but very comfortable at the same time, a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans is a very good option. They are more comfortable than a lot of skinny jeans or leggings and, more important, they look more chic.
If you want to have a chic look, try a combo with a blazer for example. You will look very cool and you will stop looking sloppy.
If you decide to go with your friends to a club, try a combo with a dressy top. With a chic pair of high heels, you will look stunning.
Even a simple T-shirt can look great in combo with ripped boyfriend jeans.
Ripped jeans were on the scene this summer more than ever, bringing with them increasingly cuts deeper and stains of all kinds, not to mention the inserts and handmade drawings (necessarily). I have adopted them without restraint and I wore so often that I’m surprised and I do not I bored them. When you wear a pair of ripped jeans we must be careful to keep a balance of parts with which put them.
Except the situations when it is mandatory to wear a formal outfit, the ripped boyfriend jeans are very comfortable and, more important, they are versatile enough to be worn with interesting and chic outfit combinations.

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