Reasons to wear proper shoes for standing all day

A while ago we have discussed this topic, bringing also some examples of proper shoes for standing all day.
So, considering what you have to do during the day, it’s important to feel comfortable in your shoes. And I’m thinking also at the medical reasons to wear comfortable shoes all day.
Here are some reasons and situations…
If, for example, you have a job in sales such as sales representative in a multinational company you surely will enjoy some comfortable shoes. Many of you might think that this type of job doesn’t require to stand so much as a postman will have to or a policeman, but what you don’t know is that, such a job, although it assumes to be an office one, it actually requires 85% work on the field. So there you have an example of job which at first doesn’t need a pair of comfortable shoes, but actually they should be a priority. So don’t hesitate to take into consideration buying this type of shoes as soon as possible.
Basically, the proper shoes for standing all day are not necessarily more special than others, but more comfortable and they are welcomed in any outdoor activity.

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