Push-up Bikini Top

Push-up Bikini Top is actually a Bikini top with molded, padded underwire cups to maximize bust and cleavage.
Push-up bra is made so as to lift the breasts and give the illusion of larger breasts. Push-up bra is different from a normal bra cups because special tailoring that help breasts appear larger than they actually are remodeling the figure.
How did that work – Push up bra is specially designed to enhance breast volume. A push-up bra cups have fittings and are equipped with cushioned foam or fabric, pushing breasts and bring to the center front neckline. Other cups are filled with silicone or gel, which provides further support breasts, making them appear much larger than they actually are.

Here are some interesting model of Push-up Bikini Top 2014-2015 :

Push-up Bikini Top 2014-2015

ladies push up bikini top 2014-2015

push up bra 2014-2015

swimwear push up bra

push up

push up bra 2014

Did you know that?
According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Manchester (UK), push-up bra enhances self-confidence of women by up to 80%.

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