A professional look is important and when I say that I mean what you see first – your image. In order to keep it perfect you must be creative and smart. Yes you I said smart, because you may consider an art to dress professional but in the same time to be in trends and chic.
One thing is certain – if you work with the public, or if you work in a business environment your outfit should be perfect, your aspect reflects not only you but the entire company, basically you’re company’s image in the eyes of people.

Here are a few tips to help you in this quest:

– avoid ripped, torn, or sloppy clothing. There everything but not professional
– hide any kind of logos which your clothes may have…you do not have to prove anything from this point of view, let your other rival colleague do that.
– avoid open-toe heels, yes there are not professional, and many company dress codes forbid them
– do not stuck into dark-beige colors… in the other hand do not fall into other extreme manner and wear pink or light green…
– high heels are not wrong, but be careful on how high they are…
– take care at Friday casual days, they are tricky, dress decent in that days also…in fact your creativity and personality should reflect on the outfit but bear in mind that you have a job in a business environment and they are not all fashion addict…

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