It is advisable to be very creative when we speak about your daily look. Indeed, in many periods of the year you can choose a printed pant.
The trend of prints is far from ending, indeed, they are present in chic outfits, the printed pants remain a true accessory for any modern woman.
From the outset, prints must be chosen carefully, even though for many of us it seems to be a simple and handy option. Depending on the colors, size and pattern of your pants, the print can benefit you or vice versa.

Give up jeans and, and if you’re the type of person who does not like to wear skirts or dresses, opt for the pants with print.
They are an inspired choice, whether you go to work or meet up with your girlfriends in town. With such pants, your outfits will always be original.

Floral prints

It is preferable that they be worn depending on the size of the graphic motifs. The big drawings on a trouser will give shape to your shapes, but the small flowers, possibly on the darker background, will thin you.

2018 floral prints pants

best floral print pant 2018

ladies floral print 2018

Striped prints

Strips can be combined with any other type of print, especially floral. It can juggle with asymmetric combinations, wearing floral prints and stripes at the same time.
And the stripes, like the graphic print, must be chosen in such a way as to favor your silhouette. The rule is simple: wearing horizontal stripes if you are weak, and vertical stripes for a thinning effect.

2018 striped pants

2018 striped pants for ladies

womens striped printed pants 2018

Geometric prints

The print has the ability to camouflage body shapes and balance them in a smart and simple way. Depending on the size of the chosen print, you can hide your hips if they are more rubens, or you can choose to highlight your thighs if you are very weak.
Loaded prints with large graphic or abstract motifs create the effect of volume, while the small print reduces visually.

geometric pants 2018

best geometric pants 2018

2018 best geomtric pants

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