Polo shirts were created long time ago. Around 1926, the famous René Lacoste (former French tennis player), created a sport clothing company after retiring.

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Polo shirt is great when you’re invited to an event and do not feel comfortable wearing a shirt, polo shirt is the perfect choice.

It is neither too simple nor as too elegant classic shirt as shirt. Among the items of clothing, polo shirt is one of the greatest innovations as draw the line between casual and formal.

Before may purchase a Polo shirt it’s good to know a few lines of behavior that will ease your clothing choices and combinations:
The sleeves should reach you by the middle of elbow and shoulder, so the biceps length should not exceed shirt with long strap line.
Be sure circumference of the neck is the right one: if it’s too loose shirt creates a feeling of thin neck, and if you have a very thick neck moldings; so the goal is somewhere in the middle.

One of the most important advantages of the Polo Shirt is its versatility. This type of shirt it is not as simple as a regular T-shirt but also not as formal as an office shirt. It is actually at the border between formal and casual. It can be worn not only with sneakers, but also with casual and even formal shoes. Also, it can be worn in combo with a sport blazer or even with a hoodie. Therefore you can see that it is very easy to pair such a T-shirt with other pieces of outfit. It is important to know that the Polo Shirt is also very comfortable. This is a very important thing, there’s no doubt about it.

It’s worth mentioning that this type of T-shirt it is also very chic. It helps you create your personal style.
Bear in mind that you should never wear the Polo Shirt tucked in.

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