Polarized Sunglasses versus Non-Polarized Sunglasses

It is very important for everybody to realize the importance of wearing sunglasses. When we have to choose a pair of sunglasses we often have this dilemma: polarized sunglasses versus non-polarized sunglasses.

What polarized lens means
Sunglasses with polarized lens are specially designed to reduce the light, especially in the situations when the light reflects into water, snow, glass or even the car’s hood. The non-polarized ones don’t have this ability. The polarized sunglasses filter any reflected light and allow only the light that doesn’t affect the eyeballs.

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However we must admit that some polarized sunglasses may reduce the visibility of images produced by LCD screens. Therefore, in this case, maybe there will be a problem when we want to use the GPS devices.

Non-polarized sunglasses do not offer protection against light reflection but they still are able to highly reduce the intensity of the light. In other words, non-polarized sunglasses don’t know the direction from which the light is coming to your eyes.

Having in mind these characteristics, the polarized sunglasses are perfect during the winter when going to the mountains because they strongly reduce the light reflected on the snow.

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