The parka is a coat with military aspect, and can be a versatile piece both in loose jeans, matching dresses, leather pants, maxi skirts or tights, depending on the style you want to address. The parka is an extremely versatile piece that fits ideally with many other stylish clothing. Because removable liner, it can be worn in autumn and winter, and spring. Regarding colors, in recent years, they have gone from khaki or navy blue, pale, bolder shades such as red, yellow, bright green or olive. Being a versatile piece, parka jacket can be combined with almost any outfit.

The parka is a real wardrobe staple. It is an overcoat that combines comfort and modernity. But how can you wear it without emphasizing the casual look? It has become the joker that comes out of the bottom of your sleeve – or your wardrobe – when the weather conditions dictate it, or just when you want to be sure you have style. Finally … you still have to know how to choose and wear it.

Parka has enjoyed a comeback in recent years. Inspired by army style, this piece of clothing has managed to conquer fashionistas worldwide. Although at first glance it Seems a versatile item, it can be a basic piece in your wardrobe. Give your outfits with a special air of parka jackets. A truly nice and useful outer wear, that is for sure.

The parka is a great piece and can be worn in different outfits: casual, sporty making and even offices. Smart-casual style is amazing, and very comfortable style. This style of dress combines elegance and comfort with can be passed from office, non-formal or events in the city Wherever you see fit. And if until now used to complete the smart-casual outfits with the masculine blazer or trench coat, this time we propose a simple parka, worn unbuttoned over year necessarily outfit simple and minimalist.

Combine comfort with elegance and wear urban chic outfits. Bet on leggings, bold prints, footwear and glam bags or envelopes. Next to a parka jacket, such pieces of clothing will look great. From the landscape should not lack a tailored attitude. The clothes you wear can give you more confidence than you can imagine.

The parka jacket has become a must-have fashion item for any fashion girl. Get inspired from the outfits above and you will surely only get compliments and admiring looks. Don’t be afraid to build original and bold outfits.

The traditional characteristics of the parka

If there are now countless designs, it is still worth remembering what are the important elements that constitute a “real” parka:

A length at mid-thigh. In the case of the traditional “fishtail” model, the back of the parka will be slightly larger and will end in a fishtail.

A water repellent and / or waterproof outer fabric to resist rain.

The presence of a hood, possibly fitted with fur.

A system of closures and a sufficiently insulating lining to protect from the cold.

Two to four side pockets.

Shoulders that do not yawn and properly dress the silhouette.

Today can be parka worn in so many ways, it is not just a functional piece longer designed to keep us warm. The fashion season unusual combination allows us to use and encourage us not only sport but kept parka also for elegant appearances.


How to choose a parka

The parka seems to be a fashion crime and is (unjustly) shunned by many women. If you want my opinion, it really depends on the models and I find that globally the brands are making a real effort to offer pretty feminine parkas. The park remains a technical garment intended for a very specific use: to protect oneself from the cold and the rain. So we are going to say that style is not frankly a priority, but it is not a reason to accept everything and choose anything, do we agree?
To start with, I would tend to point you towards a khaki-colored parka. I myself have a black and navy Claudie Pierlot parka for 5 years and whom I adore, but which is nevertheless a little sad and perhaps a little masculine in style. Khaki brightens the face more in winter, it is a very chic color, unlike black, which can quickly become cheap when the material is not of good quality.
For the model, I have a preference for parkas with a straight cut, which we can possibly tighten at the waist. The length must be well covered and arrive at mid-thigh.
And of course, the hood is essential! Be careful, there are still parkas with real fur on the hood … Unfortunately, this is the case with my Claudie Pierlot parka, I hadn’t really paid attention to this detail when I bought it at the time. It was a long time ago but if I had to do it again, I would not buy it. The brands have the means to produce pretty synthetic fur which brings the same advantages of animal fur. Today, Claudie Pierlot also offers parkas with a faux fur hood So there has been a nice evolution in 5 years! I have not thrown my parka so far, it will have even lived well, but I am very happy to start a new story with this Harris Wilson parka that you present today.


Eddie Bauer Women’s Sun Valley Down Parka


Wonderful parka, with pockets which are fleece lined and actually placed where it is comfortable to put your hands. To be noted that it is less expensive than the other ones that I liked that were similar.

Reasons to buy this parka: light-weighted, zipper closure, adjustable cuffs with interior storm cuffs and two-way front zipper.

Vince Camuto Women’s Heavyweight Warm Winter Parka Jacket Coat


This heavyweight warm winter parka jacket coat is the perfect coat to keep you feeling warm and fashionable. Great quality, great price, great style.

Reasons to buy this parka: zipper closure, heavyweight warm winter parka jacket coat and machine wash.

Steve Madden Women’s Puffer Parka Jacket


The hood is big & warm because of the lining. There are lots of pockets, plus extra flair detail.

Reasons to buy this parka: cozy interior that delivers warmth and comfort, zipper closure and Brand logo.

The North Face Women’s Metropolis Parka III


It is very comfortable, lightweight, stylish and a great length.

Reasons to buy this parka: fabric treated with a durable water-repellent, aA snap-away hood and adjustable elastic and cuffs.

Columbia Women’s Peak to Park Insulated Jacket, Water Resistant and Insulated


An amazing and lovely parka which is very comfortable, lightweight, and warm.

Reasons to buy this parka: great quality, light weight, faux down insulation and interior security pocket.

Eddie Bauer Women’s Superior 3.0 Down Parka


Very warm, waterproof and windproof parka. Ultra durable. Complete cold-weather protection from heavy snow to the harshest alpine conditions.

Reasons to buy this parka: elastic closure, four front pockets, micro-fleece lining and very light weight.

Universo Women’s Heavy Duty Hooded Down Coat with Removable Fur Winter Drawstring Parka Puffer Jacket


Very warm without feeling trapped in the coat. Excellent quality, would have expected to pay twice the price from big name brands.

Reasons to buy this parka: soft, inner face-fabric is comfortable, insulated hood and waterproof.

Columbia Women’s

best parka

You will adore this parka. It’s the perfect weight and the cut is flattering. I love the soft cuffs that are tailored to avoid cold air on your wrists. The material is magical. Lightweight, warm, soft lining, soft cuffs, removable hood, stylish cut, wide enough shoulders for driving.

Reasons to buy this parka: zipper closure, lightweight, very warm, soft linings and comfortable.

Fjallraven – Women’s Nuuk Parka

This is a parka for serious winter weather. It’s well made from what feels like good quality cloth, and appears as though it will be tough and durable. The weather is not now very cold, but it certainly feels as though it will be warm.

Reasons to buy this parka: fixed hood, practical pockets, two zippered breast pockets and you will be delighted.

Helly-Hansen W Vega Parka Jacket


This is a really nice coat with tons of well-thought-our features. It is very comfortable and cozy.

Reasons to buy this parka: cut is nice, super warm & dry and cozy.

Eddie Bauer Women’s Charly Parka


It’s a beautiful style though and seriously waterproof, and it surprised me in how breathable and lightweight. This is such great quality.

Reasons to buy this parka: looks and feels great, versatility and breathable.

Molemsx Women’s Thickened Down Jacket Warm Parka Down Coat with Fur Hood Puffer Jacket


This is a very attractive and functional parka, to help keep you warm during those cold winter days.

Reasons to buy this parka: windproof, warm-keeping and removable faux-fur trim.

Molodo Women’s Long Down Coat with Fur Hood Maxi Down Parka Puffer Jacket


It is really warm and stylish. Double breasted, waist tighten to keep air from blowing up the coat, and those nice wrist sleeves have a close fitting.

Reasons to buy this parka: detachable hood, super warm and fluffy.

Women’s Luxe Alaska Long Down Parka with Faux Fur Hood

A nice heavy coat that ,although feels small because it is very light weight.

Reasons to buy this parka: nice side pockets, light weight and very comfortable.

The North Face Women Metropolis Parka

Very good looking and qualitative parka coat.

Reasons to buy this parka: versatile, very warm and light weight.

Orolay Women Warm Down Mid-Length Jacket with Hood Color Blocking Style Coat

The parka is beautiful. It has great features, and the quality is exceptional.

Reasons to buy this parka: warm, versatile, 2 chest pockets, 2 waist pockets and stand collar.

S.ROMZA Women’s Winter Fur Parka Coat Large Real Raccoon Fur Trimmed Warm Faux Fur Lined Waterproof Jacket

This is a fantastic coat, beautifully made, comfy and warm.

Reasons to buy this parka: waterproof, warm, windproof and high quality faux rabbit fur lined.

Calvin Klein

This is a middle-of-the-scale-warmth down coat, light as any coat I’ve ever had, and good warmth for running errands. All in one a quality brand and a fabulous parka.

Reasons to buy this parka: great style, comfy, and two side pockets.

Orolay Women’s Thickened Down Jacket

The quality is outstanding. Looks great even on plus size women and is very well made.

Reasons to buy this parka: faux fur, fabric: 100% polyester and 6 big pockets.

Alpha Industries Women’s Elyse GEN I Parka

Solid construction, very good quality parka coat for a modern and practical woman.

Reasons to buy this parka: warm, nice hood, two lower flap pockets and faux mouton lined hood.

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